Edit "Follow Us on Twitter" Links in Templates

In some of our predesigned Themes templates, we include a Twitter icon with a Follow us on Twitter link. The link could be in the sidebar, or in the footer region, depending on the template you're using.

This link automatically points to the URL for your integrated Twitter account. If you have a list-specific Twitter account set up, we'll use that. Otherwise, we'll use the Account Default Twitter account on the Integrations page of your Account Settings.

If you want to link to a different Twitter profile, edit the link to make it point where you'd like.

  1. Copy the URL of your Twitter profile. We'll use http://twitter.com/mailchimp for this example.
  2. In the Design step of the Campaign Builder, click the content area where the Twitter link appears.
    Edit Twitter Link
  3. Highlight the link text  Follow on Twitter.
  4. Click the link icon in the toolbar.
  5. Paste the URL you copied,  http://twitter.com/mailchimp, into the Web Address field.
    Set Your Link
  6. Click Insert to set the link.
  7. Save the content in the content editor by clicking Save Now.

Use the Popup Preview and click on the Follow on Twitter link to verify it's working as expected.

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