Combine Address Fields in a List

Use a spreadsheet program to format your address fields for use with our address field type.

  1. Create an empty column in your spreadsheet.
  2. Enter a formula in the first cell of that column that concatenates the contents of each of the address columns, separated by two spaces. Most formulas require the spaces to be wrapped in quotes.
  3. Copy the formula of that first cell throughout the blank column.
  4. Select the formula column and copy it.
  5. In a second blank column, right-click to choose Paste Special, and then choose Paste Values.

The first formula column combines the two address columns. The second action duplicates the outputs as values into the second column, which you can use with MailChimp.

When you upload your list to MailChimp, you'll have the option to skip unnecessary columns, so you won't have duplicate individual and combined address fields in your MailChimp list. 

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