When I download my list, my address field just says "US."

If the address information in a list import was formatted incorrectly, you could have problems exporting it later. When addresses are imported without country information, our import tool inserts US as the default value. Often, the export tool only reads the default country, or, "US." 

Unfortunately, you have to reformat your original, backup list in order for MailChimp to read and store it correctly, and therefore, to export it properly. 

How to set up your Address field

When you create an address field in your list/signup form, you'll see several fields for entering list data. To get the address information to populate in those fields, you'd need to follow specific formatting to make it work.

Instead of using a separate column in your Excel file for each of these fields, separate each item in the address with double spaces.

Here's an example (With the word space to show where you'd hit the space bar. You wouldn't want to write the word space):

675 Ponce de Leon Avenue spacespaceSuite 5000  spacespaceAtlanta spacespaceGA spacespace30308 spacespaceUSA

If you did it right, you'd see:
675 Ponce de Leon Avenue Suite 5000 Atlanta GA 30308 USA

If you don't have a 2nd address field, you can just skip it and the system will be able to sort the fields correctly. You don't have to add extra spaces.

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