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If you've received a compliance alert that you need to reconfirm your list, that usually means you have to contact each subscriber outside of MailChimp and ask them to join your list again. However, if your list meets specific compliance criteria, MailChimp will provide a tool to help you automate this process.

In this article, you'll learn how to use the MailChimp reconfirmation tool.

Before You Start

  • MailChimp tracks hard bounces, abuse complaints, and unsubscribe rates for every campaign each user sends. If you've received a reconfirmation alert from our Compliance Team, it's because our system detected one of these rates that was above an industry threshold for bulk email sending.
  • We've unsubscribed a segment of subscribers in this non-compliant list to prevent any additional negative campaign activity that could impact MailChimp's ability to deliver emails.
  • Only the non-compliant list is affected. You can still send campaigns to compliant lists in your account, create new lists and signup forms, and view and manage new subscribers.
  • We can't show the affected subscribers in the non-compliant list before you create your reconfirmation campaign, but you'll be able to see and send to the subscribers who sign up again.
  • To receive notifications when a subscriber signs up on your list, configure your notification settings. Reconfirmation campaign recipients move through the same confirmation process as regular users, so they'll receive a Final Welcome email if you have it enabled.

Send a Reconfirmation Campaign

The reconfirmation tool creates your recipient list for you and provides a basic template with a place for your text and a header image. You only need to make quick edits and send the reconfirmation campaign off to do its work. As soon as subscribers start reconfirming, they'll reappear on your list, and you can send to them.

To send your reconfirmation campaign, follow these steps.

  1. From the compliance alert box, click Edit Reconfirmation Campaign.
    Cursor clicks edit reconfirmation campaign button.
  2. On the Setup step, input the Campaign name, Subject name, From email address, Preview text, and choose whether to personalize the " To" field. Then, click Next.
  3. On the Design step, add an image and input your text in the editable region. Some text in the body and footer is not editable.
    Screenshot of reconfirmation campaign in Campaign Builder.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Confirm step, click Edit to make changes or, if finished, click Send.
  6. In the Create Reconfirmation Campaign modal, type AGREE to confirm your understanding of spam regulations, and click Send Now.
    Screenshot of Create Reconfirmation Campaign pop-up modal.


Next Steps

An easy way to maintain healthy engagement with your subscribers over time is to include an update profile link in every campaign. We also recommend you send a re-engagement campaign periodically to win back inactive subscribers.

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