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The subscriber profile page contains available information about a specific email address in your list. We'll display a profile picture if it's publicly available, social data, activity history, contact rating, and other useful information about your subscriber. If you need to, you can edit, unsubscribe, or delete a subscriber from their profile page.

In this article, you'll learn how to access a subscriber profile page and what information is available there.

Access a Subscriber Profile

Subscriber profiles are available from the Lists page or via our Search tool. Follow these steps to open a subscriber profile from the Lists page.

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the name of the list that includes your subscriber.
  3. Click your subscriber's email address to open their subscriber profile.

General Information

The top of a subscriber profile shows some general information about your subscriber. 

general subscriber information

In addition to your subscriber's name and email address, you'll find this information.

  • Contact Rating
    We'll display a number of stars between 0 and 5 that represent a subscriber's engagement level. Contact ratings take into account open and click activity, past bounces or unsubscribes, and a few additional factors to determine a subscriber's engagement.
  • Subscribed 
    Displays the date and time the subscriber was added to your list.
  • VIP
    When you tag a subscriber as a VIP, you can can use segmenting conditions to send targeted campaigns.
  • Profile Picture
    If your subscriber uses Gravatar, we'll display their profile picture. If you use the Social Profiles add-on, we'll display your subscriber's Facebook or Twitter profile picture.


The information under the Details tab on the subscriber profile goes more in depth about each subscriber.
subscriber information details

Subscriber Details

Subscriber details shows subscriber data for all the list fields available. In addition to the required email field, we include some optional data fields when you create a new list.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Phone

By default, the address and phone number fields are hidden from signup forms.


The Overview section logs information about your subscriber collected by MailChimp.

  • Profile Updated
    Shows when changes were made to a subscriber's profile, whether made by the subscriber using an Update Profile link or by an account user changing the subscriber's profile.
  • Time zone
    Shows the time zone of your subscriber.
  • Location
    Shows where a subscriber is located. When a subscriber signs up for your list, we collect the IP address from their signup location. The IP information is then sent to a geolocation service provider to get an estimate of your recipient's location, which allows us to determine their time zone. The geolocation data is updated over time as we collect additional IP addresses through a subscriber's campaign activity.
  • Favorite Email Client
    Shows the prefered email client for your subscriber. MailChimp can detect what email client a subscriber uses when they open your campaigns. Knowing the email programs your subscribers use most is helpful because you can use it to tailor your content and design to your subscribers.
  • Language
    Shows the preferred language for your subscriber. When a subscriber opts-in to your list, updates their profile, or clicks links in your campaigns (if you've enabled click-tracking), we'll try to detect their browser's language settings to determine their preferred language. Subscriber language can be used as segmentation criteria
  • Signup Source
    Shows how the subscriber was added to your list. We can track whether the subscriber opted-in to your list through your hosted MailChimp signup form, a MailChimp embed code form, or through Facebook. We can also track if the subscriber was added via our API, OAuth apps, added manually or during a list import, as well as through e-commerce actions. Subscribers who were added to your list before 9/19/2012 won't have a signup source listed. To segment these subscribers you can use Date added | is before | 9/20/2012.

Groups Subscribed To

If you need to, you can see which groups your subscriber is a member of for this list. If you don't currently have groups set up in your list, you will not see the Groups subscribed to section of the subscriber profile.


For each subscriber in your list, we'll display which campaigns were sent to them, which campaigns they've opened, and what links they've clicked on. Use the Filter activity drop-down menu to filter the results by type of activity or date.

subscriber activity tab

Activity History information is gathered for a subscriber for as long as they're on your list. If they happen to unsubscribe and resubscribe, their previous Activity History will still be available.

In the Activity History, you can view and filter by these options.


The Notes tab provides a field where you can add information about your subscriber. These notes are added to the profile, but visible only to account users. This is useful if you want to store details about subscribers that you don't want to use as a list field or make visible on the signup form.

subscriber notes tab


The Conversations tab stores conversations you've had with subscribers. On this page you can view, reply to, filter, or delete conversation messages from this subscriber. 

subscriber conversations tab


This page displays a breakdown of all the subscriber's purchases tracked through e-commerce activity. If the purchase was tied to a MailChimp campaign, we'll show the name of the campaign as well.

subscriber ecommerce history

Social Profiles

If you've activated Social Profiles for your list, we'll display publicly available social data for the subscriber. When this information is gathered, MailChimp populates name, age, gender, company, and social networks based on available information tied to the subscriber's email address.

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