About Conditional Blocks

Conditional merge tag blocks give you the ability to target pieces of your content to subscribers whose data matches certain criteria. For example, if the subscriber lives in a particular state, you might show them a specific coupon and if they don't, the campaign would display the next piece of content in your campaign.

Depending on what you want to achieve, merge tag blocks can become very complex, so it's important to understand how the code works and to test your campaign thoroughly each time. This is an advanced feature and is recommended for users familiar with custom coding.

Below, you'll learn about conditional blocks and how to fix common issues.

Components of a Conditional Block

Conditional blocks are not actually content blocks in the Campaign Builder. You code them yourself as merge tags that surround your targeted content in the text editor. To format conditional content, you must include an opening and closing merge tag, and content in between.

The content in between the merge tags can be anything you want, including images or other merge tags.

Troubleshoot Conditional Blocks

We'll tell you in the Pre-delivery Checklist if any of your conditional blocks are broken, and provide the merge tag to look for in your code.
Content Block error on Pre-delivery ChecklistReturn to the Design step in the Campaign Builder to find the detected merge tag, and add *|END:IF|* after the content to close the block. Or, to remove the conditional block, completely delete the detected merge tag and all of its associated content.

Changes to the Footer

Sometimes, this error appears when you've made edits to our default campaign footer. We use the IF/END:IF construction to display several things in the footer, so if you've accidentally removed one of these tags, we'll show you the error on the Pre-delivery Checklist.

Here is how the default footer should appear.

Footer content

To fix this error, either add the *|END:IF|* tag where needed, or delete all of the content and tags associated with the conditional block. Keep in mind, however, that the mailing address, company information, and unsubscribe links are required for anti-spam compliance.

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