The Unsubscribe Merge Tag

Every campaign sent through MailChimp must include a link to an unsubscribe form, as required by law. Our *|UNSUB|* merge tag generates a link to your MailChimp-hosted Unsubscribe form. If our system doesn't detect an *|UNSUB|* merge tag in your campaign, we'll add a gray footer to your campaign with the required footer information.

Below, you'll learn how to insert the required *|UNSUB|* merge tag to any editable text area in your MailChimp campaign.

Insert in Source Code

If you're comfortable working in the source code of a MailChimp campaign, you can insert the unsubscribe link directly in the HTML of an editable area.

  1. Navigate to the  Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click anywhere in a text content block to edit it.
  3. Click the < > Source icon.
    Source code button
  4. Add the following code where you want your unsubscribe link to appear:
    <a href="*|UNSUB|*">Unsubscribe from this list.</a> 
  5. Click the < > Source icon again.
  6. Click Save & Close.

Insert in Custom Code

You can still add the unsubscribe merge tag in a custom-coded a template or campaign. Copy and paste the following code anywhere you want the link to appear.

Insert in Plain-Text Campaign

For a plain-text campaign, type the merge tag in as regular text, like the example below. After you send your campaign, the tag will be replaced with the URL to your MailChimp-hosted unsubscribe form.

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