About MailChimp for Android

MailChimp for Android makes it easy to manage your account on the go. Create and edit campaigns, track account activity, edit campaign information, view campaign reports, and add new contacts directly from your mobile device.

This app can do a lot for you when you're out and about, but it's not meant to replace the full version of MailChimp. If you need to do something in your account that isn't available in the mobile app, access the full version of MailChimp in a web browser.

Download MailChimp for Android from the Google Play store.

In this article, you'll learn what you can do with MailChimp for Android.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This article uses a Nexus 5 to demonstrate MailChimp's features. Other Android devices may render the same features slightly differently.
  • Depending on your user level, you may not have access to all the features in this article. Owners, Admins, and Managers have full access to MailChimp for Android.
  • MailChimp is also available for iOS devices.

Get Started with MailChimp for Android

You can log in to MailChimp for Android with your existing account credentials. If you're new to MailChimp, you can create a brand new account right from your mobile device.

Create a New Account

You can create a new account after you've downloaded the MailChimp app. Just tap Sign Up Free and we'll guide you through the process.

Sign Up Free Screen

After you've created your account, we'll prompt you to create a contact list so your can start growing your audience. After you've created a list, we'll automatically create a draft campaign you can edit. Or, log in to the full version of MailChimp from a web browser to create your first campaign and access other features. As you work, MailChimp for Android will update with your account data.


Connect Your MailChimp Account

After you've downloaded and launched the MailChimp app, tap Log in to enter your MailChimp credentials and get started.

Log in screen


Your mobile Dashboard is similar to what you'll find in the desktop version of MailChimp, and is customized to your account. As you build your audience and send campaigns, your dashboard populates with your account data.
Dashboard screen

The Dashboard includes three tabs:

  • Explore
    Curates feature recommendations for your account so you can get the most out of MailChimp.
  • Overview
    Gives you a glimpse of your audience growth, campaign engagement, and e-commerce performance for your connected stores.
  • Activity
    Displays the Chimp Chatter for your account, so you can see the revenue from your campaigns, new subscribes or unsubscribes for your lists, or campaigns that are forwarded with our Forward to a Friend link.


From the Lists screen, you can view all the lists in your account. To create a new list, tap the plus icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap an existing list to view its list Overview, where you'll find your list statistics, including open and click data, and unsubscribes.
Lists screen

From any list Overview screen, you can do these tasks.

  • Share the list's signup form
    Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and tap Share to share your list's signup form via email, SMS text message, or other available app.
  • Edit the list settings
    Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and tap Edit List Settings. Editable list information includes: list name, permission reminder, from name, from email address, and contact information.
  • Delete a list
    Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and tap Edit List Settings. Tap Delete and follow the instructions.
  • Add a subscriber
    Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • View all subscribers on that list 
    Tap  Contacts at the top of the overview.
  • View contact profiles
    Tap any address to view the contact's full profile.
  • Sort and filter subscribers in your lists
    Scroll to the  Your Contacts section and choose your criteria: All subscribers, VIPs, Subscribers by group, Subscriber locations, and Subscriber email clients.


The Campaigns screen displays draft and sent email campaigns. From any campaign you can preview and edit, make changes to the campaign information, and access other tasks. Use the search icon on the Dashboard to search for a specific campaign. You can also create a draft campaign on this screen.

Campaigns screen

From any campaign preview, you can do these tasks.

  • Create a campaign 
    Tap the create campaign icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and swipe left to view the available templates. To select a template and get started, tap Create.
  • Share campaigns with clients or colleagues
    Tap the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and tap Share.
  • Access the report for a sent campaign
    Tap the  reports icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Edit campaign information for a draft campaign
    View or edit the Campaign Information for a draft campaign at the bottom of the campaign preview. Tap any field to edit it. You can edit the campaign name, recipients, email subject, from name, and from email address.
  • Send a test email
    Tap Send test email and choose who to send it to. Choose Send to me or enter an email address, and tap SEND TEST to send a test email. You can only send a test to one address at a time.
  • Edit a campaign
    In the Campaigns tab, tap the campaign you want to work with. To edit your draft campaign, tap  Edit and Preview.
  • Replicate or delete a campaign
    Tap Replicate or  Delete at the bottom of any campaign preview.
  • Resend a campaign
    Open the campaign preview and tap Replicate at the bottom of the campaign preview. In the new, replicated campaign, edit your recipients and send the campaign again.
  • Send a draft campaign
    Tap the send icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, then send or schedule your campaign.
  • Schedule a campaign
    Tap the send icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then, tap SCHEDULE FOR LATER at the bottom of the screen. Select the date and time you would like to send your campaign, then press Touch and Hold to Schedule.


The Reports screen displays reports for your recently sent campaigns, along with the open and click rates for each campaign. Tap any campaign to view its campaign report and access other tasks.
Reports screen

On the Overview screen of any campaign report, you'll find detailed information and statistics, including the campaign send time and a 24-hour performance graph.

From here, you can also complete these tasks. 

  • Preview a sent campaign
    Tap the  View Campaign button in the lower-right corner.
  • View an e-commerce report
    Tap Revenue and Orders. Use the toggle to view orders placed or products sold from your campaign.
  • View the contacts associated with report statistics
    Tap the result to view the associated contacts for any of these statistics: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and abuse complaints.
  • Cancel a sent campaign
    Touch and hold Need to cancel? This feature is only available to MailChimp Pro users on campaigns with at least 10,000 recipients.


The Automation screen displays all of your workflows, including active, paused, and draft. Tap any automation to view its details and a list of the emails in your series.

Automations screen

From the workflow details screen, tap any automated email to preview it and access these tasks.

  • View a campaign preview
    Tap the  view campaign information button at the lower-right of the screen.
  • Pause or resume an individual automated email
    Tap the email you want to work with and tap the view campaign information button at the lower-right of the screen. On the campaign preview, tap Pause Campaign or Resume Campaign in at the bottom of the screen.

MailChimp for Android Widgets

MailChimp for Android includes four handy widgets for your device's home screen, so you can quickly access parts of your account without opening the app.

Learn to add widgets to your Android device.

  • Chimp Chatter
    Just like on your Dashboard, the Chimp Chatter widget gives you brief status updates on your account, like how many new subscribers joined your list each day. Tap an update to view it in more detail in the MailChimp for Android app.
    Chimp Chatter widget.
  • Add Subscriber
    Use the Add Subscriber widget as a shortcut to add a new contact to your list. Tap the widget to add a subscriber, or tap the three dots icon to choose a different list.
    Add subscriber widget.
  • Report Stats: Small
    The small Report Stats widget gives you an overview of your campaign statistics. Choose which campaign you want to track, and we'll display the open and click rates in the widget. This widget isn't editable, but you can add multiple widgets to track multiple campaign reports.
    Small reports widget.
  • Report Stats: Large
    The large Report Stats widget gives you a breakdown of subscribers who opened and clicked your campaign, as well as abuse complaints, and bounced, unsubscribed, and cleaned addresses. Tap the blue statistics to view more detailed information in the MailChimp for Android app, or tap the arrow icon to choose a different campaign report.
    Large reports widget.

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