Create a Product Retargeting Email on iOS

A product retargeting email reminds visitors about best-selling items they viewed on your site.


Paste the following link into your web browser to watch a demo of the process:

Here's how to get it started.

  1. Open the latest version of MailChimp’s mobile app on your iOS device.  
  2. Navigate to the Explore tab of your dashboard, and tap the product retargeting section.

  3. Tap Finish Up to create a draft email. We’ll automatically fill out the important details from your connected store.

  4. If you’re short on time and prefer a simple email, you can skip to step 6. Otherwise, tap Edit and Preview to change or preview the email design. You can add a logo, customize the wording and font, and more.

  5. Tap Save & Exit when you finish your edits.

  6. To edit the campaign information, tap each field to change the from email address, from name, or  email subject

  7. Tap Confirm

  8. On the next screen, touch and hold the button to start the automation.

All done! Now we’ll send an automated product retargeting email to your potential customers. 

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