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MailChimp uses data science to predict the gender and age of your subscribers with our Predicted Demographics tool. You can improve your ROI when you identify key audiences and target them with personalized content. Use our pre-built demographics segments, or create advanced segments with demographic data to refine your marketing strategy and increase subscriber engagement.

This feature is included with MailChimp Pro, and available to paid users who connect their online store. In this article, you'll learn about Predicted Demographics and where to find this data in your account.

How Predicted Demographics Works

Predicted Demographics is based on shared MailChimp account information from around the world, and uses the same gender and age range categories as Google Ads. This way you can easily apply MailChimp demographic insights to your other marketing platforms.

We provide available gender and age information for subscribers in your list, regardless of whether they've engaged with your campaign content in the past. To increase the accuracy of demographic data, you should activate your list publicity settings.

Demographic data is tied to your list. If you delete a list, gender and age range data will be removed as well.

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View Predicted Demographics Data

Predicted Demographics data appears in subscriber profiles, your list overview page, and campaign reports. Each area provides slightly different information.

Subscriber Profile

A subscriber's gender and age range. Combine this data with other tools like our VIP Subscribers feature to learn who your subscribers are and how they interact with your content.
Screenshot of gender and age data in subscriber profile.

List Overview

Gender and age ranges for your entire list. We'll display an overall percentage of subscribers that match different gender and age categories.
Screenshot of gender and age data in list overview

Campaign Reports

Gender and age range for the list or segment your campaign was sent to, and percentage of recipients in each demographic category. Filter demographics by total recipients, opens, and clicks, or, if you've enabled our e-commerce link tracking in your campaign, view demographics based on available purchase data.
Screenshot of gender and age data in campaign report.
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What You Can Do with Predicted Demographics

Demographic data can help you develop focused advertising that appeals to your core subscribers or broaden your marketing strategy to reach new audiences.

After you analyze this new data, use our pre-built demographics segments to automatically target subscribers based on age and gender. Or, combine demographics with segmentation options like campaign activity and e-commerce activity to create custom multi-part segments. MailChimp Pro users have access to our Advanced Segmentation tool, which allows you to create complex, nested segments that include demographic data.

Getting Started with Segments

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Example Segments using Predicted Demographics

The options that appear in your account may vary based on the data available in the list you're working with.

  • Target new audiences
    If you notice your campaigns perform well with women 30-50 years of age, target women who are over 50 and haven't made a purchase or women under 30 who haven't made a purchase with a special offer.
  • Focus on location
    Segment by location, gender, and age to get a better idea of where key subscribers live, and send specialized campaigns that offer products or services that appeal to audiences in a particular region, urban center, or rural area.
  • Re-engage subscribers
    Create an advanced segment that uses campaign activity, gender, and age data to identify the demographics of your least engaged subscribers. Combine this information with custom subscriber data from your CRM or database, like occupation, income level, or education level, and send specialized content to create more effective re-engagement campaigns.

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