View Revenue from Email Campaigns

Once you've connected your store to MailChimp and turned on e-commerce tracking, we'll let you know how much revenue you've earned from email marketing. Use this data to track individual product sales and total campaign revenue, and target your customers with personalized offers so you can earn even more.

In this article, you'll learn how to view the revenue you've earned from email campaigns.

Things to Know

  • To view revenue data, you must first connect your store to MailChimp with an e-commerce integration or the API.

  • There are a few places to view revenue in MailChimp: subscriber profiles, campaign reports, and your Dashboard.

  • MailChimp displays net revenue, which excludes shipping fees and taxes.     

View on Dashboard

For a broad overview of orders and revenue you've earned through MailChimp campaigns, check out your main account Dashboard. We'll show orders and revenue generated from your recent campaigns and automations.

To view e-commerce data in your Dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. In your MailChimp account, save and close any campaigns you're working on.

  2. Click the MailChimp icon in your account navigation bar to go to the Dashboard.

  3. Scroll to the E-Commerce performance section to see how well your connected stores are doing, and how much revenue you're earning via MailChimp.

View a Campaign Report

Use campaign reports to find out how much money you earned in a specific email campaign or automations. Your reports will show orders, average order revenue, and total campaign revenue.

To view e-commerce data for a specific campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.

  2. Click View Report next to the campaign or automation you want to work with.

  3. Click the E-commerce tab to view Product activity or Order history.

  4. Click Product activity to view a list of products sold through the campaign, purchases generated by Product Recommendations, and revenue totals.

  5. Click Order history to see a record of subscriber purchases.

    To filter purchases by a different store, click the View store drop-down menu.

For a deeper dive into reports, check out these articles: About Email Campaign Reports and About Automation Reports.

View a Subscriber Profile

For a more precise view of e-commerce data, you can track revenue details for a specific subscriber on their profile page.

To view e-commerce data in a subscriber profile, follow these steps.

  1. In your account navigation bar, click the Search icon.

  2. Click the Everything drop-down menu and choose Subscribers.

  3. Type in a search term, like the subscriber's email address or name, and press enter or click the Search icon.

  4. Click View Profile to view the subscriber's full profile.

  5. Click the E-commerce tab to view total revenue and orders associated with the subscriber, as well as their recommended products and recent orders.

If you don't have enough e-commerce data to generate individual product recommendations, we'll show your store's top sellers instead.

For more information on subscriber profiles, read View a Subscriber Profile Page.

Next Steps

After you analyze your revenue, learn about some resources that can help you earn even more.

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