Where to Edit Template Code

If you've coded your own template with& MailChimp's template language or coded an HTML file that you imported to create a template, you can edit the template's code directly in your account.

In this article, you'll learn where to access your template's HTML code within the Templates section of your account, and how to add images to your custom template from the Content Manager.

Access the Template HTML Code

  1. Navigate to the Templates page.
  2. Locate the template you'd like to edit by browsing the template list or using the search option.
  3. Click the Edit button for the Code your own template you want to work with.

    Select Edit to edit Code your own template

    From this screen, you can edit the template using MailChimp's visual designer tools or click the Edit Code button to work directly in the template's HTML.

  4. Click the Save button in the bottom-left corner of the Edit Code window when you're done editing the code, then click the Save and Exit button in the bottom-right corner of the Template Builder screen. 

Use the Content Manager with Your Custom Template

The Content Manager keeps your files handy when you're coding your own templates. You can use the copy URL feature to save a file's source URL to your clipboard and quickly insert it into your code.

  1. Click Content Manager at the bottom of the Edit Code pane of the Template Builder.
  2. Locate the file you want to link in your code, and click the Copy URL button.
    copy URL button
    An alert appears, confirming the source URL has been copied to your clipboard.
  3. Click the X icon to close the Content Manager.
  4. Place your cursor in the Edit Code pane where you want to paste the source URL and paste the URL.

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