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API Documentation

Get info on MailChimp API 3.0, including articles, resource descriptions, and error explanations.

Getting Started with Lists

Learn how lists work in MailChimp, how to build a subscriber base, and how to manage your list as it grows.

Email Marketing Guides

Whether you're an email pro or just getting started, there's a MailChimp guide to help you.

Understanding Bounces

Learn the basics about soft and hard bounces, and how to track bounce rates in your report statistics.

Best Practices

The Basics of Healthy Lists

This article explains three best practices to build and maintain a healthy, compliant list.

About Segments and Groups

Use groups to filter your list and segments to target campaigns to the right subscribers.

Design Tips

Learn how to craft a purpose, strategy, and design for your campaigns. Better brand messaging makes happier readers.

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Feature Descriptions

Email Templates

Get details about our extensive template options and tips for when and how to use them.


Our Automation feature includes preset and custom workflows you can use to send a series of targeted campaigns.

Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspections are a type of campaign that helps you view drafts in popular email clients before or after you send.


Timewarp is a paid account feature that manages send time for subscribers in different time zones.