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MailChimp Fundamentals

Get must-have information and make sure you have good start with MailChimp.

What's New in MailChimp

Read about new features and the latest changes that might affect your workflow.

MailChimp Refresher Checklist

Haven't used MailChimp in a while? Get important tips before you start sending.

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Get started with API 3.0. Read detailed guides, view all resources, and explore the API in the interactive Playground.

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Integrate your account with Facebook and see all the things you can do.

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Email Templates

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Our Automation feature includes preset and custom workflows you can use to send a series of targeted campaigns.

MailChimp Subscribe

Chimpadeedoo is now MailChimp Subscribe. With new features, the app makes mobile signups easier than ever.

Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspections are a type of campaign that helps you view drafts in popular email clients before or after you send.