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This article explains a few things to know as you get started with MailChimp.

Email Templates

Learn about MailChimp's template options. Get tips for when and how to use them.


Learn about MailChimp terms, email marketing concepts, and related technologies.

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Set Up Your Account

Create an account, change security settings, and get ready to use MailChimp.

Lists and Forms

Build a list, add subscribers, design signup forms, and create segments.

Build a Campaign

Learn how to design email campaigns using the Campaign Builder.


Automatically send purchase emails, welcome messages, and more.

Do More

MailChimp Pro

Get access to our most powerful features, like Multivariate Campaigns, Comparative Reports, and Delivery Insights.


Send one-to-one e-commerce emails and automated transactional emails with Mandrill’s delivery service.

MailChimp Subscribe

Use MailChimp Subscribe to create signup forms on your tablet, so people can join your list from anywhere.

Inbox Preview

Inbox Preview helps you view drafts in popular email clients before you send.

Learn the Latest

What's New in MailChimp

Read about new features and the latest changes that might affect your work.

MailChimp Fundamentals

Learn must-have information and get off to good start with MailChimp.

MailChimp Refresher Checklist

Haven't used MailChimp in a while? Get important tips before you start sending.

API Documentation

Get started with API 3.0. Read detailed guides, view all resources, and explore the API in the interactive Playground.