If you don’t have a website…

When you set up a new MailChimp account, you're asked to provide a website . We use your website to generate the URL for your list's signup forms and thank you pages.

There are several valid options for you if you don't have a traditional website. As long as you have something that is accessible by a URL, it should work.

Below, you'll learn about website options, and alternative options if you don't have website or just don't want one. You can view and edit your account's website at any time.


If you don't currently have a website, one option is to create one for yourself. If you don't have a developer to work with or aren't a coder yourself, there are plenty of website-publishing tools available to you online to empower you to do the job yourself. Below are a few options we like.

Website Alternatives

If you don't have a website but you're not interested in creating one, either, there are plenty of alternative options that meet MailChimp's Website URL requirement. Below are a few options we recommend.

Blogs and Social Pages

If you have an account with a blogging service or social networking site, or would like to create one, you can use your blog URL or page URL in the Website URL field. For example: http://yourblogname.blogspot.com

Below are a few options for blog or social networking services.

Personal Pages

If you're not interested in a full website or maintaining a blog, there are services that let you create a simple landing page that functions like an online business card. Below are a few services you can use.

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