About Accidental Abuse Complaints

Your recipients can report emails as spam in their email program. If an internet service provider (ISP) has what is called a feedback loop, a recipient who marks one of your emails as spam gets registered as an abuse complaint in your MailChimp account. When this happens, we immediately move the subscriber from your active list and into the abuse complaints area.

If your recipient lets you know that they accidentally reported your newsletter as spam, they can go into their spam folder and select that the email is not spam. This will help your future emails stay out of their and other recipients' spam folders in the future.

To resubscribe to your list, the recipient would need to sign up again through the MailChimp signup form, because we need 100% proof of opt-in in cases of past abuse complaints. 

Even though accidents happen, the original complaint can't be removed from your account under any circumstances.

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