Why We Don't Clean Lists

In MailChimp, our tools focus on maintaining subscriber information, bounce data, and unsubscribes as a way to maintain list health over the life of a campaign. If your list needs to be validated, we recommend using tools and services specifically designed for list cleaning.

Internet service providers (ISPs), anti-spam groups, and corporate email protection services set specific thresholds regarding spam complaints, undeliverable mail, and unsubscribe requests. As a bulk delivery service, we're required to enforce these thresholds. Doing so helps us maintain our sending reputation and high deliverability standards, which helps ensure that your emails reach your subscribers.

If you send a campaign through MailChimp to an old or stale list, you may see a high number of spam complaints, undeliverable mail (bounces), or unsubscribes. These can raise red flags in our system and lead to account warnings or even permanent account suspension

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