About Data Security

We take the protection of our users' data seriously and have established multiple levels of testing to ensure the integrity of our system, which includes the following.

  • Penetration tests on an ongoing basis to find any vulnerabilities within our application
  • Extensive background checks for all MailChimp employees
  • Continuous education to staff to inform them of new risks

Security and Our Databases

MailChimp supports SSL encryption throughout the application. SSL is a security protocol that allows your information to be transmitted securely.

All large account databases are kept separate and dedicated to prevent corruption and overlap. Smaller and free user accounts are placed into the same large database. As accounts grow in list size, they are migrated into their own database.

Should an Account Owner ever reach out to our Support Team for assistance, a support member can shadow an account. Otherwise, employee access to user accounts on our end is limited. Read our Privacy Policy for additional insight.

All passwords stored in our databases are salted and hashed using an industry standard hash function. We do not store any credit card information on our servers.

Privacy Policy

MailChimp will not sell or rent your subscriber lists.

We collect and process data about our users and their subscribers to help us improve features and learn more about the email industry in general. You can change your participation in this research at any time.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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