About Your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to MailChimp. It gives an overview of recent campaigns, lists, and subscriber activity. When you activate a new account, you see a simplified version of the Dashboard that shows the steps you need to go through to send a campaign. Once you've sent a campaign, the standard dashboard displays information about your campaigns and lists.

Below, we explain what appears on each version and section of the dashboard.

New Account Dashboard

When you activate a new account, the Dashboard shows the four steps for getting started, which are to create and send a campaign, create a list, customize the list's signup forms, and invite colleagues to your account. As you move through these steps, the Dashboard shows your progress.
How the new account dashboard appears in an account.

If you indicated during account activation that you have a list to import, an Import your list option will display in your Dashboard when you log in. If you did not have a list to import when signing up, the Create your list option will display. For either option, click the corresponding button and MailChimp will take you to the correct page to start working on your list.

After you send your first campaign, the standard Dashboard appears the next time you log in.
Main dashboard screen showing headers, statistics and charts.

Recent Campaigns

This area of the Dashboard shows report activity for the most recently sent campaign, including total opens and clicks, average opens and clicks for the list, and average open and click rates for your industry. To view data for a different campaign, click the drop-down menu under Recent Campaigns and select the campaign you want to review.

Progress bars show the number of opens and clicks relative to the total number of recipients. The List avg provides real-time data showing how your list's subscribers engaged with the campaign compared to other campaigns sent to the same list. The Industry avg shows the average percentages for campaigns sent in the industry you set for your account when you signed up.

List Growth

The List Growth bar graph tracks subscriber growth over time. To change the view, use the drop-down menu to select either All Lists or a specific list to view. Use the checkboxes at the top of the bar graph to see data for subscribers who signed up via your signup form, were imported, or have been on your list for at least one month as an existing subscriber.

Top 5

Top 5 shows the five campaigns with the highest open-rate percentages, highest click-rate percentages, or most popular clicked links across all the campaigns sent from the account. Click the drop-down menu under Top 5 to view opens, clicks, or links.

Chimp Chatter

Chimp Chatter provides short status-like updates for your MailChimp account. Configure it using the Preferences button to see recent activity such as new subscribes or unsubscribes for your lists, campaign milestones, or campaigns that are forwarded using our Forward to a Friend link. More in-depth information related to subscriber activity can be viewed in your campaign reports or in the subscriber profiles.

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