What’s New in MailChimp

Does a feature in MailChimp look different from the last time you used it? We update the MailChimp application every month or so to add new features and improve existing ones.

This article provides a high-level overview of what we've done in each update. You'll find descriptions of new or updated features, along with links to our Knowledge Base articles that explain how to use them.

MailChimp 11.0 - April 20, 2015

Release 11.0 includes several new enhancements to our paid  Automation feature to guide you through the workflow setup.

Industry-Specific Workflows
We’ve added workflows that are specific to certain industries to make it easier to find the workflow you want to use. Each workflow offers a preset number of emails and triggers to get you started, but they can be changed.
About Automation Workflow Types

Trigger Options
Automation triggers are now more flexible. You can set triggers for individual emails in a workflow instead of the entire workflow.

Edit Automation Emails

Edit Email Content
You can now drag and drop content on the Emails step to update content in paused or draft emails more quickly.
Edit an Active Automation Workflow

MailChimp 10.9 – March 30, 2016

With 10.9, users with MailChimp Pro will have access to our powerful Predicted Demographics feature that provides insight into the age and gender of subscribers. We’ve also updated the API and how we handle adding accidental unsubscribes back to your list.

Predicted Demographics
Predicted Demographics is a MailChimp Pro feature that uses data science to determine the gender and age of your subscribers. Use it to analyze campaign engagement, create advanced segments, and refine your marketing strategy.

About Predicted Demographics

API 3.0 Updates
We’ve updated API 3.0 to include new e-commerce endpoints, the ability to manage webhooks, and more.

Check out available API methods for e-commerce orders

Learn more about webhooks in API 3.0.

Add Back Accidental Unsubscribes
Up until this release, if you accidentally unsubscribed email addresses, you had to individually delete each address before you could add them back to your list. Now, if a subscriber has been unsubscribed by an admin, you can add them back in bulk.

Add an Unsubscribed Address Back to a List

MailChimp 10.8 - March 16, 2016

In this release, we've brought Mandrill, our powerful delivery service, into the MailChimp application to allow users to more easily manage their bulk and transactional email plans in one account.

Mandrill allows you to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, and automated transactional emails like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages.

Learn more about Mandrill.

MailChimp 10.7 - February 10, 2016

With 10.7, the powerful new Inbox Preview tool is available to all users. We also enhanced signup forms, Pay As You Go billing, and a few other things.

Inbox Preview

We've replaced Inbox Inspector with the faster and more powerful Inbox Preview tool. Inbox Preview allows you to see how your campaign will look in different email clients as part of your regular Campaign Builder workflow. Previews are included in all Monthly Plans, while Forever Free and Pay As You Go accounts will receive a free trial.

Embedded Signup Forms

Now, signup forms are easier to design, translate, and use.

  • Our Super Slim embedded form is available in a mobile-responsive, horizontal version.

  • The Subscriber Popup form has an editable field label for email address, so you can change or translate it.

Pay As You Go Billing Updates

We made a few changes to make the billing process easier for Pay As You Go users.

  • Turn on notifications to let an account user know when your Pay As You Go credits get low.

  • Set up auto-pay to repurchase credits when your balance is low.

Improvements for International Users

Try out these refinements that simplify translation and account management for international users.

  • Edit placeholder text in the Translate It tab of the Form Builder.

  • Change or translate link text in Social Share content blocks for a more custom look.  

  • Set your account to display a 24 hour time in Account details.

Account Recovery

To make the account recovery process easier, you can use SMS verification to retrieve account information..

API Updates

10.7 continues to improve API 3.0, and adds additional features and functionality. For additional information, visit http://developer.mailchimp.com/.

MailChimp 10.6 - November 18, 2015

Our 10.6 release brings additional powerful features for MailChimp Pro users, as well as feature refinements that everyone can enjoy.


We're constantly working to make Automation more powerful and intuitive. With this release, we've redesigned the List and Workflow step into a split-pane layout, to make it easier to find the workflow you want. We've also included the option to set post-sending actions, which will allow you to automatically manage some list data for subscribers based on their interaction with an email in the workflow.

Learn how to use these new Automation features when you create your workflow.

RSS-Driven Campaigns

Previous to this release, we'd bring in content to your RSS Campaign as it appeared in your feed. This meant that if the images in the feed were gigantic, your template would stretch to fit the image. Now you can choose to have us automatically resize your images to fit your template width.

Learn more about using this feature in your RSS Campaign or when you add a blog post to a regular campaign.

Additional Payment Options

Many users in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria couldn't use MailChimp due to limited payment options. We've now added several new options so users in these countries can take advantage of all the paid features we have to offer.

Learn how to use these new payment options.

New Pro Features

Users who have the MailChimp Pro add-on in their accounts will see several new exciting features.

  • Advanced segmentation to more precisely target subscriber sets
  • 50 additional merge fields to store more subscriber list data
  • Timewarp for Automation workflows to send emails based on each recipient's time zone
  • Inbox Preview to see how campaigns will look in different email clients

MailChimp 10.5 - September 14, 2015

MailChimp 10.5 brings some significant changes to the Automation Builder and a handy new way to pay with PayPal. 


The Automation Builder has been reorganized to give you greater control over when you send each automated email in your workflow, and to which subscribers. Now, when you design your email in the Email Builder, you'll also have the option to configure delivery settings for individual emails and segment the subscribers who receive them. 

Learn more about Automation.

Pay with PayPal

Many users have requested an alternate way to pay for their MailChimp accounts and add-ons, so we've added PayPal functionality to billing. To change your preferences, click your Profile Name and choose Account. When you edit your payment method, you'll be prompted to sign into PayPal and that's it!
Learn more about billing

More Tools

We also rolled out some other pretty neat tools and features recently, including MailChimp Pro and a new MailChimp Subscribe app for iPad and Android.

MailChimp Pro is an account add-on, which offers a set of advanced features for business like Delivery Insights, Compliance Insights, Multivariate Testing, Comparative Reporting, and even the ability to cancel a campaign send. 

MailChimp Subscribe is a new and improved version of our mobile signup app, Chimpadeedoo. We'll continue to support Chimpadeedoo for a little while, but we encourage you to check out Subscribe and see what's new.

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