Combine Multiple Accounts

This feature requires Admin user level or higher.

Combine multiple MailChimp accounts to streamline your email marketing and potentially cut down on your monthly bill. To do this, you'll export your data from one account, then import it into another.
Below, you'll learn more about how to export account data and combine accounts.

Things to Know

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • After you export your account, the account and data will remain intact until you close the account.
  • Decide which account you'll import to, or create a new master account.
  • Some data can’t be imported into another account, like campaign reports and list stats.
  • To keep data that can’t be imported, save the export CSVs for your records or leave the account open.

Export Account Data

First, use the Export Account Data feature to export your data from the account you no longer want to use. Your account export includes separate CSV files for each list's subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned addresses, HTML files for your templates and campaigns, and campaign reports.

Share Templates

The Export Account Data feature exports your templates, but when you upload them to your preferred account, they’ll be in HTML format. To preserve the drag-and-drop functionality of your templates, use the Share feature to move the templates from the old account to the preferred account.

Combine Accounts

To combine your accounts, import your exported lists and exported templates into the account you're combining to. To prevent inactive subscribers from being added back to your list, be sure to import your subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned addresses separately.
If you don't want to keep your old account open to retain your campaign reports and list stats, close your account. If you have a paid account and want to leave your account open, pause your monthly billing.

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