When you use MailChimp's signup forms, we require the double opt-in process. There's not a way to turn off or otherwise disable the email that asks folks to confirm their subscription to your list, but the Final "welcome" email which is sent after opt-in has been confirmed can be disabled.

To disable the Final "welcome" Email:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click on the list drop down and select Signup forms.
  3. Select the General forms option.
  4. Select the Final "welcome" email from the forms and response emails drop down menu.
  5. Uncheck the Send a final welcome email box.

You can also disable the Final "welcome" email by navigating to the Lists page > Settings > List name & defaults and uncheck the box next to Send a final welcome email.

While it's possible to manage your own signup process using the single opt-in method, we strongly recommend using the double opt-in method instead. Here's a great example of why we recommend using double opt-in over single opt-in. We've also seen that double opted-in lists have much higher engagement levels over time. This means more opens and clicks and fewer bounces and unsubscribes. Check out this blog post for even more info.

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