Our *|UNSUB|* merge tag automatically generates a link to your MailChimp-hosted Unsubscribe form. All campaigns sent via MailChimp are required to include an unsubscribe link so subscribers can opt out of receiving your emails if they choose. Below, we show you how to add our required *|UNSUB|* merge tag to any editable text area in your MailChimp campaigns.


Add unsubscribe link using the link tool

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click a text content block to edit it.
    Campaign builder pencil icon
  3. Add the text you want to link, such as Unsubscribe from this list, and highlight it.
  4. Click the link button in the toolbar.
    Link Button in the Toolbar
  5. Type or paste the *|UNSUB|* merge tag into the Web Address (URL) field.
    Pop up screen for Link
  6. Click the Insert button to save the link.
  7. Click the Save & Close button in the content editor to save all changes.

Add unsubscribe link in the source code

If you're more comfortable working with the underlying code of a MailChimp campaign, you can add the unsubscribe link directly in the HTML for a given editable area.

  1. On the text block toolbar, click the < > button to view the source code.
    Source code button
  2. Add the following code where you want your unsubscribe link to appear:

    <a href="*|UNSUB|*">Unsubscribe from this list </a> 
  3. Click the < > button to return to the visual editor to review the design.
  4. Click Save & Close when you're done.

Add unsubscribe link in your custom code

If you've custom-coded a template or campaign, you can also add an unsubscribe link to your own HTML. Copy and paste the following code wherever you'd like the link to appear:

<a href="*|UNSUB|*">Unsubscribe from this list </a>

Add unsubscribe link in a plain-text campaign

When editing a plain-text campaign, type the merge tag in as regular text. We'll populate the link automatically once your campaign sends. Here's an example:

Unsubscribe from this list : *|UNSUB|*


Our *|UNSUB|* merge tag will only work when the campaign is sent to a managed list. Until that point, you're in a draft or production mode and nothing has been saved to our servers just yet.

This feature is available to users with Author level or higher permissions. Take a look at this article to learn more about the different access levels for a MailChimp account.

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