When you set a predefined value and use Merge tags to personalize your campaign, if a recipient doesn't have a value in that Merge field, a default value will be added in your campaign. So, if you use "Howdy *|FNAME|*" in your campaign and you don't have the recipient's first name, the default tag can say "Howdy Customer" instead of Howdy "blank", because who really likes blanking on a customer's name?

To set your predefined values, follow these steps in your account:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the list's drop down menu and choose Signup forms.
    Forms Link under List
  3. Click the Select button under the General forms option.
  4. Select Link to a form

  5. Make sure you're on the build it tab.
  6. Under the add a field area, choose your field type.
    signup form fields key
  7. In the field default merge tag value, add your default preference like "Customer", "Member", "Chimp" or "Dude" if you prefer.
    signup form field settings

You can do this for any of the fields, or field types, in your list (except for email address). Check out our Guide to Merge Tags for more info!


This will only add the default value to your campaign and will not fill your list data with default data, fields with data will remain blank within the list area.

Dear FNAME just gets your emails started on the wrong foot. Using "Dear" in your greeting will get you 2.7 spam points, which is almost halfway to getting your email blocked. Try some of our favorite openers - like Howdy, Hey there, Hej (that's danish!) or Eeep eep! Whatever you decide to use - just don't use Dear! Want to know more about spam triggers - check out this blog post.

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