If you're using one of our predesigned Themes templates, you'll find that many include repeatable, hideable, variable, or drag & drop content blocks. These blocks help you to create a customized design using a pre-existing layout when working in the Design step of the Campaign Builder. We'll show you how to work with each of these below.

If you want even more control over your design, you can use our Email Designer editor or code your own template using our Template Language.


Repeat or delete a content block

The repeat and delete controls for each content section are located in the bottom right corner of the block. Click the plus (+) icon to add another content block and click the minus (-) icon to delete a block.
Repeat or delete a section

When you repeat or add a section, we'll replicate the default text and placeholder image each time. Images and content you've added won't be replicated.

If you delete a repeatable section, whatever content you entered into that section will also be deleted. The delete control will apply to entire content blocks - text and image. If you want to delete just the image portion of the content block, click on the remove button in the image area.
Remove button

To remove the content from the text portion of the block, click the edit button to bring up the Edit Your Content window and delete all of the text.
Edit button

When you repeat a content block, the original parent block can't be removed until the repeated section is deleted.
The parent content block cannot be removed here

Work with variable content blocks

Variable content blocks allow you to switch between a number of different content structures within your email. They are noted with plus and minus signs so you can repeat and delete content blocks, but they also include a drop down selector that lets you to choose which type of content block to display.
Variable content blocks

From the drop down selector, choose the content structure you'd like to work with: content with left image or content with right image.

Drag and drop content blocks

Repeatable and variable content blocks can be moved vertically within a template. These content blocks have arrows in the upper left hand corner that you can click to drag the block up or down.
Drag & drop

When you click on the arrow to move the block, you'll see a black bar that can be dragged and positioned where you'd like the content block to move.

When dragging and dropping content blocks in your template, note that you can only drag and drop content blocks within the parent block element. For example, it wouldn't be possible to move a right column into the left column or above the body content area.

Hide or show a content block

Just like the repeat and delete controls, the hide and show controls are located below each content block. Click the slashed eye icon to hide a content block.
Hide a content block

The hide control applies to the entire content block, both image and text. When hiding content blocks, the hidden section won't disappear on the editor screen but will appear as greyed out instead.
Hiding content blocks

You can preview and verify that the block has been hidden successfully by clicking the Preview & Test option and choosing Open Popup Preview on the Design step of the Campaign Builder. When you send your campaign, the section you've hidden won't appear in your email.

If you've changed your mind and want to re-add the content block you've hidden, click the eye sign on the faded block and watch it reappear.

This feature is available to users with Author level or higher permissions. Take a look at this article to learn more about the different access levels for a MailChimp account.


The delete and hide controls don't offer the same functionality in our Template Editor. In fact, you can't actually remove anything while working in the Template Editor. If you need to make layout changes, we suggest you work in the Campaign Builder instead.

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