MailChimp's Campaign and Autoresponder reports analyze clicks, opens, subscribers' social activity, Ecommerce data, and more! In this article, we show you where to find your Campaign and Autoresponder reports as well as walk through each of our available reporting features.

Where do I find my Campaign and Autoresponder reports?

On the Reports page you can view the Overview and Revenue for all campaigns and autoresponders using the graphs at the top of the page.

To view a report for an individual campaign or autoresponder just navigate to the Reports page and click the View Report button for the campaign or autoresponder you'd like to view the report for.

Reporting Information

  • The report Overview provides an at-a-glance look at how well a campaign performed: who was sent, when they opened, what they clicked, how many successful deliveries were made along with lots of other info. This article defines each of the stats seen on the Report Overview.
  • The Activity menu lets you drill down further into campaign results. Selecting one of the Subscriber activity menu options allows you to view or export a segment of recipients that interacted with your campaign in a specific way such as opened or did not open, click performance, bounced, and others.
    Subscriber activity menu
    Activity can also be used to send targeted campaigns to specific portions of your list using MailChimp's powerful segmenting options.
  • Links gives you a better idea of how well each tracked url performed in the campaign. From this screen you can find a list of the tracked urls from your campaign along with the number of total and unique clicks for each one. If you're viewing the report for a Regular or RSS-Driven campaign, we also populate a click map to give you a visual representation of how each link performed. Check out this article for more information on click tracking. Video: Click Performance
  • Social reveals who's liking your campaign on Facebook, a list of the top influencers and referrers for the campaign, and a map of clicks from across the globe. Before we can add Facebook stats to your campaign reports, you need to integrate your account with Facebook.
  • Ecommerce reports show the total sales generated by the campaign, total number of conversions (orders received), and a breakdown of each subscriber's purchases. You can track sales from a click in your campaign all the way to a purchase. This allows you to see which customers make a purchase (and what they buy) after opening your campaign. Take a look at this article for more information.
  • The Conversations tab shows replies to your campaign when conversation tracking is enabled. Conversation tracking offers more flexibility than a standard reply-to email address by allowing other account users to receive email notifications when a subscriber replies to your campaign. Read more about conversation tracking here.
  • Advanced reports display Analytics 360 data when applicable, as well as integration stats such as those from Survey Gizmo, Eventbrite, or SurveyMonkey. We also show you a breakdown of the top email domains for your subscribers under the Email Domain Performance chart.
  • Inbox Inspector, A/B split, and Time Warp results are available from the report overview if you've used those features for your campaign. Just click the headings to see the results for those in your campaign report.

This feature is accessible by users with Manager level or higher permissions. Take a look at this article to learn more about the different access levels for a MailChimp account.

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