Pinpointing the best day and time to send a campaign is difficult because ideal sending times vary between industries and lists, and may also depend on the segment of a list you're sending to.

We send around 200-300 million emails every day, so we've got a LOT of data. With lots of data, we can try to answer tough questions like this one. Enter the Email Genome Project. We scanned over a billion emails to identify general trends and help you determine the best time to send your campaign using our send time optimization tool. Here are a few of our observations and some suggestions:

  • More people open email during the day than at night. You may find that changing the time that you send your emails will change your percentage of opens.
    Email Open Rates by Time of Day
  • More emails are sent during the week than on weekends, with Tuesday and Thursday being the highest volume days. Changing which day you send your emails may improve your open and click rates
    Email Open Rates by Day of The Week
  • More links lead to more clicks. Placing a particular link in your content more than once may increase the number of clicks for that link.
    Click Rates by Number of Links

The general trends are a starting point, but your list may perform better by going against some or all of those trends. We have some ways you can test and evaluate your specific date to identify specific trends for your list(s) to find your best sending time:

  • Use our built-in A/B split campaigns to test delivery dates and times. This can be done for an entire list, or you could break it down further and test for segments of your list.
  • If you've sent some campaigns at various times or on different days of the week, Ben has a nifty trick to download your reports and compare open rates.
  • For daily senders, we have additional tips to help increase your deliverability and engagement such as offering your subscribers the option to sign up for weekly or monthly emails to control how often they receive information from you. Use groups to add this option to your sign up form and you can send to each segment separately.

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