Automation Types

MailChimp marketing automation allows you to create a targeted email or series of emails that send when triggered by a specific date, event, or contact’s activity. We've created several preset options for you based a variety of industries and events.

In this article, you'll learn about the different automation types available in MailChimp.

E-Commerce and Retail Automations

Personalize each customer’s buying experience with automation. Target new and repeat customers with custom messages or discounts, and re-engage those who haven’t purchased from you in a while. Or, send store-branded receipts, shipping confirmations and more.

Abandoned Cart Email
Encourage customers to complete their purchase if they leave items in their cart.

Abandoned Cart Series
Encourage customers to complete their purchase with a series of reminders if they leave items in their cart.

First Purchase
Send a welcome series to new customers when they make their first purchase.

Specific Product Follow-Up
Ask for a review after someone buys a specific product from your store.

Any Product Follow-Up
Send a follow-up message after a customer purchases any product from your store.

Category Follow-Up 
Promote related items after someone buys from a specific category.

Best Customers
Reward your best customers with sale announcements or special coupons.

Customer Re-Engagement
Win back customers who haven’t purchased from your store in a specific timeframe.

Order Notifications
Send receipts and invoices, and update your customers on shipping, refunds, and cancellations.

Product Retargeting Email

Encourage customers to purchase an item they viewed on your site.

Nonprofit Automations

Increase awareness about your organization’s mission, values, and goals. Inform supporters about memberships, volunteer opportunities, and events.

Top Supporters
Acknowledge your most generous donors with a special message or donor gift.

Supporter Onboarding
Welcome new volunteers or donors, and share ways they can support your organization.

Membership Renewal
Send a membership renewal reminder based on a donor’s last contribution, or when they joined your list.

Announce a volunteer opportunity or fundraising event, and invite supporters to get involved.

Supporter Re-Engagement
Remind inactive supporters of your mission, and share ways they can support your cause.

Education Automations

Educate students with emails that engage and inform. Onboard new students, deliver course materials and reminders, and follow up with students when they finish a course.

New Student Orientation
Welcome new students, and share resources to help them get started.

Course Series
Educate students through a series of lessons, assignments, and projects.

Student Re-Engagement
Re-engage students with new course offerings, study tips, and enrollment discounts.

Music Automations

Use automation to stay in touch with your current listeners and engage your newest fans. Share new music and tour dates, announce album releases, and follow up after shows.

Download Follow-Up
Send a follow-up message after a listener purchases music from your store.

Fan Orientation: Band
Invite new fans to your social networks, share band news, or offer free downloads.

Fan Orientation: Record Label
Welcome fans, introduce them to artists on your label, or offer free downloads.

Announce an upcoming show or tour.

Event Follow-Up
Follow up with fans after a live show.

Software Automations

Increase and engage your user base with automation. Onboard new users, announce new product releases and feature updates, and send helpful documentation.

Product Feature Engagement
Support your current users by announcing product updates and new features.

User Onboarding
Share tips and resources to help new users become experts with your product.

Pre-Launch Series
Engage your users with upcoming product information, features, and release dates.

List Activity Automations

Use automation to streamline communication with your list subscribers. Welcome new subscribers who join your list, help subscribers get to know you, and send follow-up emails based on their activity.

Welcome Message
Greet new subscribers after they join your list.

Educate Subscribers
After someone signs up to your list, send them a series of informational emails.

Welcome Series
Send a welcome series to say hello, each time someone joins your list.

Joins List Group
Send an email when subscribers join a list group.

Leaves List Group
Follow up or say goodbye to subscribers who leave a list group.

Date Based Automations

Date-based automations can help you engage with your subscribers throughout the year. Send email to your subscribers on their birthday, anniversary, or any occasion that falls on a specific date.

List Added Date
Send an email based on when a subscriber joined your list.

Annually Recurring Date
Each year, send an email based on a subscriber’s date field.

Send subscribers a special birthday message or message series based on their birthday list field.

Specific Date
Send a one-time email based on a specific date in a subscriber's date field.

Custom Automations

Create an email series that fits your unique business needs with a custom automation. These automations can be based on a variety of criteria, and can be enhanced with API 3.0 and other integrations.

Custom Event
Create automated emails based on a combination of custom triggers and delays.

Integration Automations

Use API calls and integrations to personalize each subscriber’s experience. These highly customizable automations can be based on variety of events and subscriber interactions.

API 3.0
Trigger the start of an automation with an API 3.0 call. After you create the email series in the MailChimp application or via the API, a list subscriber can be added to an automation with a call to a URL we’ll provide to you. API requests can trigger an automation email when a single subscriber meets your sending criteria via the API delay settings.

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