Getting Started with A/B Split Campaigns

Use A/B Split Campaigns to test how different factors affect the way subscribers engage with campaigns. A/B Split Campaigns allow you to use our Email Designer to design your campaign, and send two different versions of your campaign to randomly selected parts of your list. The version with the most opens or clicks is then automatically sent to the rest of your list.

A/B Split Campaigns are an advanced feature available immediately for paid accounts. Free users will need to send a few campaigns before this feature is unlocked.

Below, you’ll learn how A/B Split Campaigns work and ways you can use them.

How A/B Split Campaigns Work

Two versions of your campaign are created. Version A is sent to group A, and version B is sent to group B, so no subscriber receives both campaigns. The version that does best, as determined by open or click rate, is then sent to the remainder of your list. You can specify how you'd like a winner to be chosen and we'll automatically send the winning campaign to the remainder of your list, or you can choose to manually select and send the winning campaign.

Graphic of how A/B split tests work.

Things You Can Test

When you create an A/B Split Campaign, you choose a factor to test.

Subject line
Try different wordings to see what gets the most attention.

From name
See if your subscribers are more responsive to emails coming from a person’s name or from the name of your company or organization. Provide the From name and From email address you want to use for each version.

Delivery date/times
Determine when your subscribers are most likely to open your campaigns. Because this option tests a specific day and time, there isn’t a case where the winning version goes to the remainder of your list. Instead, each version goes to 50% of the list. Use the winning time to inform when to send or schedule future campaigns.

You can also use our A/B merge tags with any of the above factors to test campaign content.

How a Winner Is Chosen

When you set up your A/B Split Campaign, you’ll select for the winner to be determined by open or click rate, or chosen manually. If your campaign tests subject line or From name, then choosing open rate, click rate, or manually is up to you. Delivery date/times will always be determined by the highest open rate.

A/B Split Test Ideas

Here are some ideas for A/B testing experiments that you can run on your email campaigns.

  • What day of the week gets better open rates?
  • Does a subject line with an incentive or a teaser work best?
  • Does including your company name in your subject line increase engagement?
  • Is it better to use your name as the from name, or your company’s name?
  • Does the time of day a campaign is sent affect the click rate?
  • Are subscribers more likely to click a linked image or linked text?

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