When you create a new campaign, you can choose to build one of several types. Use the A/B Split Campaign option if you'd like to try testing different subject lines or content.

To set up an A/B Split campaign, click the Create Campaign button from the Dashboard or the Campaigns page in your MailChimp account. Then select the A/B Split Campaign option.

A/B split

  1. On the A/B Split step of the Campaign Builder, we show you the A/B split testing options. You can test the following: subject line, from name, or delivery date/times.
  2. For subject line and from name tests, specify the percentage of your list to use for testing (the remaining portion will get the winning version), and how and when the winner is determined.

    Delivery date/times testing splits a list into two equal groups and the winner is determined by the open rates for the two versions. You'll choose the send times on the last step of the Campaign Builder. a/b split testing options

  3. Navigate to the Recipients step and choose the list (or segment of your list) to use for your A/B Split testing.
  4. Set up your campaign subject line(s), from name(s), tracking options and sharing options on the Setup step.
    A/B Split testing with subject line
    A/B Split testing with from name and reply to addresses
  5. On the Template and Design steps, you can choose a layout and create the content for your HTML campaign. You can also run an A/B test on your content.
  6. On the Confirm step, review your campaign details. If you're testing subject lines or from names, you can click the Send Now button or schedule your test for a later date/time. If you're testing delivery date/times, schedule your delivery times below the pre-delivery checklist by clicking the Schedule button, choosing your date/times, and clicking Schedule Campaign when you're done!
    A/B Split testing with delivery date and time


A/B Split campaigns are an advanced feature available immediately for accounts on paid plans (monthly and pay as you go). On the Forever Free plan, this feature will unlock automatically after a few campaigns have been sent and reports have been tracked. 

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