When you create a campaign in MailChimp, it's saved and stored as an HTML file. If you want to convert it to PDF or print a copy, you can do that from the campaign archive page by clicking on the view in browser link in the email.

Below are a few tips for converting an HTML file to PDF on different operating systems and browsers. For more detailed information, we recommend checking out the links below or searching for information about your particular system.

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Creating a PDF


If you're working on a PC you'll need to use a PDF convertor outside of MailChimp to create a PDF of your design. Take a look at this article for links to various PDF convertors and creators.


If you're working on a Mac, you're in luck as you have the option to create a PDF document through the print dialogue box! For more PDF options and information take a look at this article.


If you're using Google Chrome on either operating system, you're in luck! Chrome has built-in PDF viewing enabled by default.


Once the campaign is saved as a PDF you can print directly from that document. There may be additional printing functions available depending on the software or web browser you're using. Take a look at their FAQs or support pages for more information.


If you're printing out or saving your campaign as a PDF in order to get design approval or input, we'd suggest taking a look at our collaboration features. These allow you to collaborate easily with multiple people on a single email design.

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