Share Sent Campaigns with New Subscribers

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

Share previous campaigns to engage new subscribers and allow them to catch up on campaign content sent to your list before they signed up.

Below, you'll learn how to share sent campaign content to new list members.

Use the *|LIST:RECENT|* Merge Tag

Our *|LIST:RECENT|* merge tag pulls in campaign archive page links to the five most recent campaigns sent to a list. This merge tag can be used in campaigns and Automation workflow emails as well as in the signup process, like on the hosted signup form, signup confirmation pages, and the Final "welcome" email.

Type the *|LIST:RECENT|* merge tag into your campaign, automated email, or form, and it automatically populates campaign archive page links for recent campaigns when you preview or test the campaign or automated email, or when the form is viewed.
Five most recent campaigns

You can also add a number to the end of this tag to display a specific number of the most recent campaigns to show. For example, *|LIST:RECENT10|* shows the ten most recent campaigns sent to a list. The merge tag pulls in the specified number of recent campaigns, and you can't designate to hide certain campaigns. Consider using the campaign archive code on your own website if you'd like to have more control over which campaigns you show to new or potential subscribers.

Use Automation

Automation is a feature for paid users that streamlines your communications process when new subscribers trigger a workflow. When you create a new Automation workflow, choose the Welcome message or Educate subscribers workflow type, and make sure the trigger is set to People subscribed to list. You can reuse or work from a campaign layout you previously created from the Campaigns tab in the Template step, and build your Automation workflow as usual. When you include the *|LIST:RECENT|* tag in your automated email, it displays your most recent campaigns in each email that goes out to your new subscribers.

You could also send your most recent campaign to new subscribers after they sign up. To do this, create a new Automation workflow for each new campaign you create, and pause the last one so it doesn't continue to send.

Segment Your List

Another way to share a sent campaign with new subscribers is to replicate a sent campaign, and use our segmenting tools to send the new copy to only subscribers added to the list since the last campaign was sent. The specific segment conditions would be Date Added  | is after | the last campaign was sent.

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