First Time Senders Checklist

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For first-time senders, pressing the Send button can be especially intimidating. Below, you'll find a checklist of some important things you should be sure you do with your first campaign so you're prepared to send.

Double-Check Your Setup and List

Take another look at the list you've selected and the Campaign Information on the Setup step. Verify that you selected the correct list, and that your subscribers have given you permission to contact them.

  • If you're using segments, review the criteria and subscribers to make sure you're sending to the people you want.
  • Check your subject line for typos.
  • Review selections to Auto-post to  Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you expect to get replies from your campaign, turn on Conversations or make sure you can access the From: email address inbox.

Proof Your Content

When you think your campaign is ready, check it over one more time.

  • Review the text and images in your campaign for typos and sizing.
  • Make sure your list fields have default values for any merge tags you're using.
  • Check for spammy words and phrases.
  • Ask a friend or colleague to look it over.

Check for Broken Links

Double-check that all the links in your campaign open the URLs you want.

  • Use MailChimp's built-in Link Checker to scan for broken links.
  • Click the links yourself and make sure they open the most relevant web pages.
  • Confirm an unsubscribe link is included.

Preview and Test

No matter how many times you've checked your campaign, it never hurts to check one more time. Use MailChimp's preview and testing tools to make sure your campaign displays the way you want, across devices and email clients.

  • View your campaign in Preview Mode.
  • Preview live header info to make sure merge tags are working.
  • Send a test email to yourself, friends, or colleagues who use different email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, or Lotus Notes. Check it on your phone, too.

Once you've completed this checklist, you're ready to send.

Click the blue Send button. Then, in the Prepare for Launch modal, click Send Now.
Prepare for launch modal shows Freddie pushing red button, with cursor on Send Now button on lower left.

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