When you create a campaign using the Campaign Builder, you have the option to select a date and time for delivery to your list to maximize subscriber engagement.

Below, you'll learn how to schedule or pause a campaign, and you'll find information about the different scheduling options available in MailChimp.

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Schedule a Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Confirm step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click the Schedule button.
  3. Use the calendar picker and drop-down menus to select the delivery date and time. The timezone that's set for your account will be displayed and you'll have the option to edit it if it's incorrect.
    Calendar picker
  4. Click the Schedule Campaign button to confirm the scheduled send of your campaign.
    Scheduling Campaign

After you've scheduled your campaign, navigate back to the Campaigns page to view the time your campaign is set to send to your subscribers.
Scheduled time


We finalize which of your subscribers will be sent your campaign at the campaign send time. At send time, we will verify which subscribers are part of the list or segment you set on the Recipients step, and place them in our delivery queue to receive your campaign. This means that subscribers who are added to your list or segment between the time the campaign is scheduled and the actual send time will be sent the campaign. Likewise, subscribers who are no longer part of the list or segment at your campaign's send time will not receive the campaign.

Pause a Scheduled Campaign

If you need to pause a scheduled campaign, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page in your account.
  2. Locate the scheduled campaign. If you have a lot of campaigns, use the Filter drop-down menu to quickly find campaigns with a Scheduled status.

    Filter by scheduled campaigns

  3. Click the drop-down menu next to the campaign's Scheduled button.
  4. Choose Pause.

    Filter by scheduled campaigns

Once the campaign is paused, you are taken to the Confirm step for this campaign. Make any changes you'd like, then send or reschedule your campaign when you're ready. If you want to leave the campaign in its paused state, click the Save & Exit menu on the top right of the screen to exit the campaign without sending or rescheduling.

Additional Scheduling Options

Send Time Optimization is a paid account feature that looks at your subscribers' click activity history to calculate the best time of day to send your campaign. This feature uses each subscriber's click activity history to see when they're typically the most engaged in MailChimp campaigns and compares that data to every other subscriber in your list. From this information, the Send Time Optimization feature is able to calculate the time when subscribers on your list are most likely to interact with your campaigns.

Time Warp is a paid account feature that delivers the campaign to your list based on the recipient's time zone, rather than the time zone selected in your MailChimp account. This makes it easy to get your email into inboxes at the optimal delivery time when recipients are more likely to open and click.

Batch Delivery is a feature for paid accounts that sends your campaign out in timed batches rather than to your whole list at once. This helps control traffic to your website and prevents potential strain on your server or website-crushing click floods.

What to Do Next

  • You can resume editing a paused campaign by opening it in the Campaign Builder and sending it or scheduling it as described in this article.
  • If you've sent your campaign, it's time to view stats for it.

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