Collaborate on Campaigns

This feature requires Author user level or higher.

If you have more than one user on your MailChimp account, you can edit collaboratively in the Campaign Builder. You'll be able to see which  account users are working on the campaign, send tests to request feedback, and leave or receive comments.

In this article, you'll learn how to use our collaboration features to create a fantastic campaign.

Users Working in a Campaign

On the Design step of the Campaign Builder, we'll display a notification at the top of the page if more than one account user is in the campaign. Click the notification to display a drop-down list of the active users in the campaign.

When an active user manually saves the content block they are working in or an auto-save occurs, your screen will refresh automatically to display the new content. The system auto-saves every twenty seconds when working in a content block.

Request Feedback

When you send a test email, you can include optional instructions and a personal message. When recipients reply to the test email with their feedback, their notes appear in MailChimp. You can also use checkboxes to select which account users should receive notifications of new comments.

Notify of comments

Any feedback for this campaign will appear on the Comments tab of the Design step.

Add Comments

On the Design step of the Campaign Builder, use the Comments tab to share notes and feedback about the campaign. If there are new comments on the campaign, we'll display a badge on the tab that shows the number of new comments.
Add or view comments

Account users can reply to existing comments from the Comments tab. Click the Notifications link in the  Comments pane to send an email notification to account users when a new comment is added to the thread.

Once you've read or responded to the comment, select Mark Completed to close the thread. All closed comments are visible on the Comments tab and are marked with a check. Closed comments can be re-opened if there is additional information or work needed.

New comments on draft campaigns are also noted on the Campaigns page, next to the Edit button. Click the Comment icon to view them on the Design step of the Campaign Builder.

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