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Email is an important marketing tool that increases brand awareness and cultivates loyal customers and fans. While MailChimp makes it easy to create a campaign, it takes time to create one that is effective, and true to your brand. Each time you sit down to tackle a new campaign, you should have three things in mind: purpose, strategy, and design.

In this article, you'll learn more about each of these three principles.


Every email you send should have a clear purpose and benefit to the subscriber. Before you start to design an email, think about your objective—why is this email important to send now?

Keep your audience in mind as you consider your purpose. Will your subscriber think the message is relevant? Is there an obvious benefit for them?


Once you have defined the purpose of your email campaign, think about what you want to say and how you should say it to encourage engagement from your subscribers.

Will you offer an incentive or just provide information? Is a single campaign sufficient or does it merit a series of campaigns?


With purpose and strategy in place, you're ready to design your campaign. Designing a campaign that meets your objective while also being relevant to your audience can seem like a difficult task. These Design Guide resources offer tips and guidance on how to engage your subscribers.

  • Your Style and Brand
    Brand recognition and engagement starts with defining your brand. Create a style guide and maintain visual consistency across all communications materials.
  • Textual Content and Messaging
    Some of your messages may be relevant to only a portion of your list. Determine who should receive your message and figure out the best way to share it.
  • Layout Tips
    Order of content is important. Create brand recognition as soon as the email is opened and display your message clearly.
  • Calls to Action
    Give subscribers a clear place to engage with the purpose of your email.
  • Test Your Design
    Go beyond testing the links in your campaign. Test and tweak your campaign design or content to further engage your subscribers.

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