Remove an Image Border

This feature requires Author user level or higher.

If you have a border around an image that's embedded in a text block, you can change or remove it.

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder. 
  2. Click the text block where your image is located.
    Editable content area
  3. Double-click the image to open the Content Manager.
  4. Click show image style options to expand additional settings.
  5. Under Image border, type "0" in the first box to remove the border. Leave the drop-down menu set to "none" and the color field empty.
    Set border width to 0
  6. Click Save & Insert Image.

If the border still appears on your image, make sure that the border is not embedded as part of the image itself. You can crop images and make other adjustments using the Photo Editor in the Content Manager.

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