When you create a campaign using MailChimp's Campaign Builder, you can select a campaign type, add recipients, choose a template design, and add your own content. Below we walk you through some tips for editing your content

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Adding content

  • The best way to create your campaign content is to type directly into the content editor. If you'd prefer to work outside of the editor and copy your text in when you're ready, it's best to copy and paste from a simple text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++ or TextWrangler.
  • If you'd like to copy content from websites, email programs, and things other than a word processor, use the paste as plain-text option on the content editor toolbar. We'll strip out a lot of the formatting so you can use the editor with more success.
  • When copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word, use the Paste from Word option on the content editor toolbar. We'll strip out most of the formatting to allow you to use our formatting tools to create the look you want.

Formatting content

  • Once you've added content to your campaign use the style editor to set the font, colors, spacing, and more. When you set formatting and styles with the style editor, it inserts lots of HTML code behind the scenes. If you keep making tons of edits as you work, the code will start overlapping and conflicting. It's best to add content first and play with formatting later.
  • When you're highlighting text to add formatting make sure that you don't grab any extra spaces or lines. That can cause overlapping of styles when the formatting is applied.
  • If you've copied content from a website or email program without using paste as plain-text use the Clear Styles option on the editor toolbar to remove just the formatting and junk code brought over from the other program. Once the junk code has been removed, set the formatting in the campaign using the style editor.


If you've copied your content from Word, clearing styles may not remove extra formatting that Word can produce. For more information on how to clean up content that's been copied from Word, have a look at this article.

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