Use our translation merge tags powered by Google Translate to provide translated versions of your campaign content to your subscribers. 

Below, you’ll learn two different ways to translate your campaign.

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A single merge tag will allow your subscribers to view your campaign in their preferred language. Follow the steps below to generate Google Translate links within your campaign.

  1. Navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click to edit or drag a new text content block to your layout. We recommend using a left- or right-sidebar template because there are quite a few links.
  3. In the editing pane for your content block, insert the following translation merge tag.
  4. Replace the XX portion of the tag with the language code that your original content is written in. For example, the en value in the merge tag below will tell Google Translate that the content is being translated from the English language.
  5. Click Save & Close.
  6. Click Preview and Test, and select Enter Preview Mode from the drop-down menu.

    From Preview Mode, you should see your list of translation links generated by the merge tag.

Source Language Codes

Below is a full list of all the supported languages and their language codes.

  • English = en
  • Arabic = ar
  • Afrikaans = af
  • Belarusian = be
  • Bulgarian = bg
  • Catalan = ca
  • Chinese = zh
  • Croatian = hr
  • Czech = cs
  • Danish = da
  • Dutch = nl
  • Estonian = et
  • Farsi = fa
  • Finnish = fi
  • French (France) = fr
  • French (Canada) = fr_CA
  • German = de Greek = el
  • Hebrew = he Hindi = hi
  • Hungarian = hu
  • Icelandic = is
  • Indonesian = id
  • Irish = ga
  • Italian = it
  • Japanese = ja
  • Khmer = km
  • Khmer = km
  • Korean = ko
  • Latvian = lv
  • Lithuanian = lt
  • Maltese = mt
  • Malay = ms
  • Macedonian = mk
  • Norwegian = no
  • Polish = pl
  • Portuguese (Brazil) = pt
  • Portuguese (Portugal) = pt_PT
  • Romanian = ro
  • Russian = ru
  • Serbian = sr
  • Slovak = sk
  • Slovenian = sl
  • Spanish (Mexico) = es
  • Spanish (Spain) = es_ES
  • Swahili = sw
  • Swedish = sv
  • Tamil = ta
  • Thai = th
  • Turkish = tr
  • Ukrainian = uk
  • Vietnamese = vi

Translate for Individual Subscribers

If you have language information for your subscribers stored in your list, you can use conditional merge tags to automatically display content in their preferred language. Use conditional merge tags to create dynamic content using IF and IF ELSE logic conditions.

To use conditional merge tags to translate your content based on subscriber language information, navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder. For each piece of content you want translated, you need to provide the translated content and use the appropriate opening and closing conditional tags. Be sure to use the full language name as it appears in your list field and not the abbreviated language code when specifying the IF language condition. For example, to translate a piece of content into either Spanish or English, your tag set might look something like the below.

Translate content for your readers.

Traducir el contenido para sus lectores.

When the campaign is sent to your list, we display the content for each individual in the subscriber's preferred language.


You can also translate your list's signup form and response emails.

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