We encourage every MailChimp user to test each campaign before you send it. Note the limit on the number of test emails you can send per campaign and per 24-hour period. If you've hit your test email sending limit, try  these tips to continue testing.

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General Testing Tips

  • Proof your content. 
    Don't forget to proof your content and your design. Reading your content aloud will sometimes help you catch any typos.
  • Use the Link Checker.
    The Link Checker tool looks at the links in your campaign and pings the sites to make sure there's a functioning site on the other side.
  • Select Enter Preview Mode from the Preview and Test drop-down menu to check your design as you go along.
    Preview Mode shows you if any images are broken or if your general layout is working properly. It is designed to give the best approximation of what the campaign will look like when received, so definitely send test emails to get the best idea of how your campaign will render.
  • Select the Send a Test Email option on the Preview and Test drop-down menu near the end of your design process.
    After your content has been added and you think you're almost ready to send, select the Send a Test Email option to send a test to your own email address.
  • Don't just test to your own email account.
    Every email client renders HTML differently, so your campaign's appearance may vary slightly from one email client to the next. To get the best idea of how your campaign will display in your recipients' inboxes, set up email accounts on all the most popular email clients, like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, and send tests to those account. You can also use our Inbox Inspector feature to see how your campaign will look in different email clients.
  • Customize how your campaign looks when shared.
    Select Social Cards from the Preview and Test drop-down menu to choose a featured image and text to display when your campaign is shared on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and also in Gmail's grid view
  • Use the Push to MailChimp Mobile option on the Preview and Test drop-down menu to view the campaign on your mobile device.
    Send tests to your phone, so you can see how your campaign will render when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Ask for testing volunteers.
    Ask friends and colleagues to review your campaign content. Since they are not as familiar with your content as you are, they will likely catch typos or unclear content that you may have missed.

Testing Merge Tags

In Preview Mode, select View header info, and then click on the View Live Merge Info button to see your merge tags in action.

You can also test merge tags by sending your campaign to a test list. When you send tests using the Send a Test Email option from the Preview and Test drop-down menu, the merge tags aren't fully live because we're not pulling any data from your list. When you send to a live list (even if it's a test live list) we can activate the merge tags.

Troubleshooting Specifics

  • Are all the images in your email working?
    If you used MailChimp's templates, make sure the image has uploaded properly. If you provided your own code, make sure you're using absolute paths for images, meaning you need your whole image URL, not just the file location on your server. Also check to make sure that all of your images are hosted on your public web server, and aren't on a password-protected site.
  • Are all your links working properly?
    Click on each of your links and use the Link Checker to make sure they are working. Remember that click tracking is not activated when you use the Send a Test Email option, so a link in a test email will not redirect through our click-tracking feature like it will when sent to a list.
  • Is open and click tracking enabled?
    We enable tracking by default, but you can check your settings on Setup step of the Campaign Builder. If they are disabled, you won't see open and click activity in your campaign report.
  • Are you getting blocked by spam filters?
    Keep spam filters in mind as you create your campaigns to make sure they won't get stuck in your recipients' spam filters.

More testing opportunities

  • Delivery Doctor lets you test your campaign with many common spam filters and consumer ISPs, giving you insight into exactly what parts of your campaign might cause delivery issues. Delivery Doctor is included in all paid accounts.
  • Inbox Inspections let you see your campaign in your subscribers' favorite email clients. Monthly Plans include the 25 inspections per week. Single inspections can be purchased for $3 each on Pay As You Go and Forever Free Plans.

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