Use the Replicate option to create a copy of any draft or sent campaign in your account. Replicating a campaign creates an exact duplicate of the original. However, some of the advanced settings, like custom text to be Auto-posted on Facebook or Auto-tweeted on Twitter, don't carry over. These settings must be reapplied in the new copy of the campaign.

Below, you'll learn how to replicate the different types of campaigns.

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Replicate a Regular Ol', Plain-Text, or A/B Split Campaign



  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page in your account.
  2. Click the drop-down menu for the campaign you'd like to replicate. For Sent campaigns your options look like the below.
    Copied Campaign
    For Draft campaigns, the drop-down menu options look like the below.
    Copied Campaign
  3. Choose Replicate from the campaign's drop-down menu.
  4. The replicated copy opens to the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder. From there you can navigate through the campaign to make any changes you'd like before you send it to your subscribers.

The replicated copy of the campaign is stored in the Campaigns page of the account. All replicated versions are designated by (copy ##) appearing in the campaign name. The campaign name can be changed from the Setup step of the Campaign Builder when you edit the replicated copy of the campaign.

Copied Campaign

Replicate an RSS-Driven Campaign

RSS-Driven Campaigns are different from other types of campaigns in MailChimp. When you create an RSS-Driven Campaign, this is considered to be the parent RSS campaign. However, when the campaign sends to your list, it's sent as a regular campaign, and is referred to as the child of the parent RSS campaign.

Both the parent and child campaigns are visible on the Campaigns page in your account and both can be replicated, but the steps to replicate each are different. Replicating a parent RSS campaign copies the RSS merge tags and send settings for that campaign. Replicating a child RSS campaign creates an exact copy of all content sent to the list on the date and time the campaign sent.

Replicate a Parent RSS Campaign

Replicate a Child RSS Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click the Filter drop-down menu. For Campaign status, choose Sent. For Campaign type, choose RSS-Driven Campaign. For List, choose the name of the list the RSS campaign sent to.
    Filter rss child
  3. Click Sent Campaigns for the parent RSS campaign that contains the child RSS campaign you want to replicate.
  4. Click the drop-down menu for the child RSS campaign, and choose the Replicate option.
    Replicate rss child

The replicated copy opens to the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder. No changes or edits need to be made unless you want to send the campaign to a different list. To send the replicated copy to your list, select the Confirm step on the navigation bar and choose to Send or Schedule your campaign.

Changes made in the Design step can cause issues with the campaign content. If you navigate to the Design step of the Campaign Builder, you'll be prompted to choose a template for this campaign, which will erase the original content of the child campaign. The campaign will then be populated with the default merge tags in the parent RSS campaign instead. When this regular campaign is sent to the list, the RSS tags will not populate content in the replicated child campaign. If you need to include RSS content in a regular campaign, use our feed tags.


  • When you change templates, it does not override any customizations that were made in the Campaign Builder. To set new content, either edit the campaign on the Design step of the Campaign Builder, or create a new campaign from a saved template.
  • Templates are best used as a foundation for your campaign to set things like style and colors. Your text content and campaign-specific images should be added on the Design step of the Campaign Builder.
  • When you replicate a campaign, each campaign type has very specific coding and can't automatically be converted to a different type of campaign. For example, you can't replicate a Regular Ol' Campaign to create an RSS-Driven Campaign. If you want to change the campaign type, create a campaign that is the desired campaign type. On the Template step of the Campaign Builder, choose to use a saved template or click the Campaigns tab to choose a recently sent or draft campaign.

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