There are a few reasons you might not get test campaigns, including spam filters, ISP or firewall. Below, you'll find troubleshooting tips to get it sorted out.

  • What email address did you send the test to?
    It may be your email server. Send the test campaigns to as many test accounts as possible (like to Hotmail or Gmail). If you get the email at other accounts, then this would indicate an issue with your email server. Talk to your IT department to determine what is preventing the test email from coming through. You may need to ask them to whitelist our sending IP addresses to help those emails come through.
  • Did you send to a AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail account and the email hasn't arrived?
    Give it more time. These webmail programs can delay delivery of bulk mail to your inbox by as much as 24 hours.
  • Is the email getting blocked by spam filters or getting sent to your Junk folder?
    There could be something in your content that triggers spam filters, or your spam filter doesn't recognize the MailChimp server yet. Here are the most common spam filter triggers.
  • Did you send tests to a client in a large corporate setting?
    Corporate spam firewalls can be particularly strict when it comes to test messages. When you send a test email to multiple recipients at a company, it can look like a spam attack. Ask the IT group at the company to whitelist MailChimp's server.

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