Add a Signup Form to Your Facebook Page

This feature requires Manager user level or higher.

If you've already integrated MailChimp with your Facebook account, you can assign forms to your Facebook Pages and customize how the signup form appears on Facebook.

The Facebook signup form works just like your MailChimp double opt-in signup forms. When someone fills out the form, we'll send an email that asks them to confirm their subscription.

MailChimp signup forms can only be placed on Facebook Pages managed through the personal Facebook profile integrated with your MailChimp account, and only appear on the desktop version of Facebook.

Assign Forms to Facebook Pages

After you've integrated Facebook with your MailChimp account, follow the steps below to add a signup form to your Facebook page.

  1. Click your profile name to open the Account Panel and choose Account.
  2. Click the Integrations drop-down menu. 
    Selecting the Integrations option from the navigation options.
  3. Click Facebook to open the integration details.
  4. Click the Page to use drop-down menu and choose the Facebook Page you'd like to place the signup form on.
    Configure Facebook page
  5. In the List to use drop-down menu, choose which list's form you want on this page. If you don't want a form on this page, just choose no list connected.
    List to use
  6. Click the yes radio button under Use signup form tab to activate the tab on the Facebook page. This will open additional options for the form.
    Yes radio button
  7. In the Form theme drop-down menu, choose which form style you'd like. If you choose My List's Theme (default), your signup form will look like your MailChimp-hosted signup form. If you select Facebook-esque, your signup form will blend more into Facebook's overall look.
  8. Assign a name for your tab in the Tab label field.
    Tab label
  9. Click Save and wait for confirmation that your changes have been saved.
    Changes saved

Facebook visitors will now see a MailChimp signup tab on a page. When they click the tab they'll be able to sign up to your list.
Signup tab

If you need to change the list associated with your page, just head back to the Integrations page to make any changes.

Customize Your Forms

Change the theme of your signup form in Facebook by going back to the Integrations page in your MailChimp account and choosing your Facebook Page from the Page to use drop-down menu. Then pick a different theme from the Form theme drop-down menu.

To change what My List's Theme (default) looks like, customize your signup form. After you make changes to your forms in MailChimp, we'll push them over to Facebook. You can refresh your Facebook Page to see the changes pushed through to the Facebook MailChimp application.

Change the MailChimp Signup Tab Image and Name

Change the image and name that shows on the MailChimp signup form tab on your Facebook Page by following the steps below.

  1. Go to your Facebook Page with the signup form tab you want to change.
  2. Click the Settings tab near the top of the page.
    Click the Settings tab near the top of your Facebook Page
  3. Click Apps from the left-hand navigation.
    Click the Apps page on the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Page
  4. In the Added Apps section, click Edit Settings for MailChimp.
    Click Edit Settings for MailChimp in the Added Apps section
  5. To change the image, click Change to the right of Custom Tab Image.
    Click Change to edit the custom tab image on your Facebook Page
  6. Click the image to bring up the Upload Page Tab Image window.
  7. Click Choose File to upload a new image. Facebook recommends an image size of 111 x 74 pixels.
    The image will automatically replace the default image on your Facebook Page’s signup form tab.
  8. To change the tab name, type the name you want in the Custom Tab Name field in the Edit MailChimp Settings window, and click Save. If you do not edit this, Email Signup or the name you set when adding the form to the Page is used as the tab name
  9. Click OK in the bottom right of the Edit MailChimp Settings window to save all changes.


  • The Facebook Page you want to place the form on isn't an option. 
    MailChimp forms can only be placed on Facebook Pages managed through the personal Facebook page integrated with MailChimp. Check with the Facebook Page owner to make sure your personal profile is set as an administrator for that Facebook Page. It may also be good to disconnect and reconnect the Facebook integration just to make sure no steps were missed when originally setting it up.
  • You don't see the MailChimp signup form tab on your Facebook Page.
    If your Facebook Page has a lot of tabs, the signup form tab may be hidden. Rearrange tabs on your Facebook Pages so the signup tab always shows. Additionally, the signup form only appears on the desktop version of Facebook and isn't visible on the mobile app, since Facebook's mobile app doesn't support tabs.
  • The wrong form is displaying on your Facebook Page.
    Make sure the correct list was chosen from the List to use drop-down menu on the Integrations page in MailChimp.

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