Wavelength, powered by our Email Genome project, analyzes your list and quickly compares your subscribers to other publicly available lists to find subscriber overlap. Once analysis is complete, Wavelength displays screenshots of publicly available email campaigns with similar subscriber profiles. The goal of the app is to help you contact those other MailChimp users and maybe form a relationship with each other. Ideally, you can link to each other and help each other grow your lists organically.

Lists with at least 100 double opt-in subscribers and which have been used to send two or more campaigns to twenty or more subscribers can participate in Wavelength.

How To Set It Up

  1. Visit the Wavelength app page to authorize a connection with your MailChimp list.
    Connect Wavelength
  2. Select a List for Wavelength to analyze.
    Connect Wavelength
  3. Select an Industry and add a description for the list.
  4. We'll scan the system and compare your list with roughly 1 million other lists containing approximately 800 million email addresses.
  5. When the scan is done the system will display screenshots of email newsletters that your subscribers are interested in.
    Connect Wavelength
  6. Select a campaign screenshot to view more campaigns sent to the same list and the option to subscribe to their list.


If you want, you can exclude your list from Wavelength searches. This article walks through how to mark the campaigns as private in your account.

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