Add a Single Subscriber to a List

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

If someone has given you permission to add them to your list, you can do this right from the Lists page in your account. 

Below, you'll learn how to add a single email address to a list.

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the Subscriber icon next to the list you want to work with.

    Select list subscriber icon

  3. Type in the subscriber's information and check the This person gave me permission to be added to my list box.
    Fill out subscriber information and select that they gave permission
  4. Click  Subscribe.

If the email address is already on your list and you want to update the information you have on file, check the  If this person is already on my list, update their profile box.

After the person has been successfully added, we'll display a success message at the top of the page.

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