Export Contacts from Email Address Books

The steps to export your contacts before you import them into a MailChimp list depends on the application where they are stored. Subscribers imported into MailChimp must have given their permission to be added to your list.

Below, you'll learn how to export contacts from a few common applications, and about ways to avoid accidentally importing people who didn't opt-in to your list.

Export Contacts from Other Applications

To export contacts from Microsoft Outlook, use the appropriate link below to visit Microsoft's Office Support center.

Use MailChimp Import to add subscribers to your MailChimp list from Apple's Address Book or Contacts applications.

If your subscribers are stored in Google Contacts, use our built-in integration to import everyone to your MailChimp list all at once. To import a portion of your Google Contacts, export a selection of your contacts from Google as an Outlook CSV file before you import to your list.

If the information for your particular email program is not listed here, contact your email client's help system, or consult their documentation for further assistance with exporting.

Import Opted-In Subscribers

If you import everyone from your address book, it can increase the possibility of receiving a spam or abuse complaint. There's a good chance that your address book has a handful of email addresses from your ISP, tech support, Amazon sales, and more. Inspect your contacts and remove these addresses before you import your contacts to your MailChimp list.

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