Many settings for each of your lists list can be changed or edited from the List name & defaults screen, including list name, campaign defaults, subscription settings, and subscribe/unsubscribe notifications.

Below, you'll learn how to find the List name & default screen, so you can view your list settings and make changes.

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Find the List name & defaults Screen

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the list drop-down menu for the list you want to work with and select Settings.
    Select Settings from the list drop-down menu
  3. Click List name & defaults.
  4. Make any changes you'd like to the list's settings, and press the Save button.
    Make changes to list and press Save

Set the From Information and Subject Line

The settings for these three defaults are automatically pulled into the Setup step of the Campaign Builder each time you create a new campaign to send to this list. These defaults help maintain consistency among the campaigns sent to a list, but you can change that information for a single campaign within the Campaign Builder.
Campaign Builder campaign defaults

Changing Subscription Settings

Under Subscription settings, you'll have a few options that can be enabled or disabled for your list.

Sending a final welcome email can be pretty useful if you want to reach out to a subscriber after they confirm their subscription, but we allow this option to be turned off. The final welcome email isn't sent to any subscribers that are added manually by you to your list. Only subscribers who sign up to your list through the form you built on MailChimp or from a form you have pointing to MailChimp that uses our confirmation process will be sent the final welcome email.

The unsubscribe confirmation email functions mainly as an easy way for a subscriber to resubscribe to your list in the event they've unsubscribed accidentally. Some subscribers find this additional email to be an annoyance, so we've allowed this option to be disabled as well.

By default subscribers have the option to choose their preferred email format (plain-text or HTML) when signing up for the list. If you don't allow subscribers to pick their preferred format, all subscribers in that list will default to receive the HTML version of any campaigns sent to that list. These settings can also be changed within the form builder for your list. 

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Notifications

Subscribe and unsubscribe notifications alert you when someone joins or leaves your list and can be enabled on a per-list basis. On this screen, you can provide one or multiple email addresses to receive subscription notifications. If you're adding multiple addresses to receive these notifications, make sure they're each separated by a comma and those addresses combined do not exceed the 100 character limit for those fields.

These notifications can be sent individually as the events occur or you can opt to receive a single, daily summary of subscribe and unsubscribe activity on your list. Below is what an individual subscribe notification looks like.

If you do not wish to receive these sort of notifications, simply leave the notification fields blank. If you have trouble receiving these notifications, check out our  troubleshooting tips

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

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