There are a few different ways to delete a list or clear subscribers within MailChimp. Below, we walk you through each of the four options that are available to use so you can determine which option works best for you.

If there's an active automation workflow, RSS-driven campaign, or a recently sent campaign for the list, the list can't be deleted for seven days following the last campaign send. Lists are required to remain in the account for seven days following the sending of a campaign or automation email to ensure that subscribers have time to unsubscribe and reports can be collected. During this seven-day period, the bulk actions to Delete and Move to List will be disabled.

After the seven-day period has passed, all bulk options will be re-enabled and can be used on the list.

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Delete the list completely

If you want to delete everything including subscribers, list settings, and signup form, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Check the box next to the title of the list you'd like to delete.
  3. Click the Delete button.
  4. Type DELETE in all caps then press the Delete button to confirm the list deletion.

Selecting the Delete option will delete all data for this list including subscribers, cleaned addresses, unsubscribed addresses, and signup forms. For list data integrity and security reasons, deleted lists are not backed up. This means that once your list is deleted it cannot be recovered.  

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Clear all subscribers from a list

The Delete All Subscribers option clears your list of all active subscribers, unsubscribes, and bounces. This option won't delete any reporting data or the signup forms you've created. To clear subscribers from a list:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click on the list drop down menu and select the Manage subscribers option for the list you want to clear.
  3. Choose the Delete all subscribers option.
  4. Type "DELETE" to confirm that you want to do this.
  5. Click the Delete All button to remove all the subscribers.

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Delete one or more subscribers

If you only need to delete a few subscribers from your list, then you don't need to delete your entire list. You can also unsubscribe them instead to be sure they aren't accidentally added back to your list. Here's how to delete one subscriber from your list:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the title of the list you'd like to work with.
  3. Locate the subscriber you want to delete. You can search for their email address or use the Segment option to limit which subscribers are shown.
  4. Check the box next to each subscriber you'd like to delete.
  5. Click the Delete button.

Choosing the Delete option will allow you to delete the entire entry for that one subscriber. You'll still be able to manually add that person back to your list and they'll still be able to sign up using your list's signup form.

Once the subscriber has been deleted, we'll show a success message to let you know the action was completed.

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Delete a subscriber from their profile

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the title of the list you'd like to work with.
  3. Locate the subscriber you want to delete or use the Search option.
  4. Click the subscriber's email address to view their profile.
  5. Click the Delete button.
    Select Delete button
  6. Click Delete on the Are you sure? window.

Once deleted, we display a success message confirming the subscriber was removed from the list. 

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For list data integrity and security reasons, MailChimp doesn't maintain backups for deleted lists. Once a list is deleted or subscribers cleared from the list, the data can't be recovered. It's a good idea to back up your lists on a regular basis.

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

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