Reconfirming your list is a process of removing email addresses from your list that are no longer engaged or valid, leaving only the subscribers who want to receive and engage with your content. When someone opts-in to your MailChimp list, they're giving you permission to send your campaigns to them. In general, permission tends to go stale after about six months. If you have subscribers you haven’t sent to in the past six months, you need to reconfirm their permission to be on your list before you send to them again.

We strongly recommend that you always use our double opt-in process, including when reconfirming a list. Double opt-in reconfirmation helps focus your list on engaged subscribers who want to hear from you, which leads to more opens and clicks, and fewer bounces and unsubscribes.

Below, you’ll learn how to reconfirm an existing list in your MailChimp account as well as how to import and reconfirm a list not yet in your account.

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Reconfirm an existing list in your MailChimp account.

To reconfirm an existing list, you first need to export and save your list and then remove those addresses from the list inside your MailChimp account so your subscribers can sign up for your list again. Follow the steps below to export your list and unsubscribe your subscribers inside MailChimp.

Export and save your list

  1. Navigate to the Lists page and click on the list your want to reconfirm. Click list you want to export
  2. Click Export List to export your list to a CSV file.

    If you are a paid account user and use our Twitter Tailored Audiences feature, the Export List button will have a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, select to CSV file.
  3. On the Subscriber Exports screen, click Export to download the CSV file for your list. When your list has finished exporting and you see a green checkmark next to the list name, you can save the file to your desktop computer. Once you've downloaded and saved your CSV file, you're ready to unsubscribe your subscribers inside your MailChimp account.

Unsubscribe addresses from your list

Follow the steps below to unsubscribe all addresses and prepare your list for reconfirmation:

  1. Navigate to the Lists page and select the list you want to work with.
  2. From the View subscribers page, click the Manage subscribers drop-down menu and select Unsubscribe people.
    Choose Unsubscribe people from Manage subscribers drop-down menu
  3. Open the exported CSV file for your list and copy and paste the email addresses from your file into the Unsubscribe People field.
  4. Click Unsubscribe to unsubscribe the addresses from your list. Paste email addresses into box under Unsubscribe People
    These addresses will be stored in the Unsubscribed portion of your list. To view the unsubscribed addresses for a list, select Unsubscribed from the Subscribed drop-down menu on the View Subscribers page. View Unsubscribed email address on View subscribers page

Once you’ve unsubscribed addresses from your list, it’s time to prepare to reconfirm.

Reconfirm a list not yet in MailChimp

If you have collected a list of contacts outside of MailChimp that is more than six months old, you need to reconfirm your list before you begin sending. First, you need to create a new list in MailChimp and get the link for its signup form.

Create a new list in MailChimp

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the Create List button in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Create List from the New List or Groups option window.
  4. Fill in your list details on the List details screen, then click Save.

On the View subscribers page, you'll see options to import contacts and customize the list's signup form. Click Ok, Got it if you're done for now.
Once you’ve created your list, it’s time to prepare to reconfirm.

Prepare to reconfirm

To reconfirm your list, you need to send a reconfirmation message to your subscribers with the link to your signup form. Below, you’ll learn where to get the URL for your list’s signup form so you can include it in your reconfirmation message.

Copy the link to your MailChimp signup form

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click the list drop-down menu and select Signup forms for the list you're working with.
  3. Select General forms.
  4. Make any changes you’d like to your form and then copy the Signup Form URL from the Create Forms page.

Send a reconfirmation message

To send your reconfirmation message, create a brand new email outside of MailChimp in your regular email program, such as Gmail or Yahoo. You can copy the addresses from your exported CSV file into your regular email program to send your reconfirmation. Add the link to your MailChimp signup form to the body of the email along with a message asking your recipients to resubscribe to your list. Be sure to send the email from an address that can be linked to your personal, company, or blog website. You might also wish to include links to your past newsletters or link to a new sample newsletter you've created.


It's important that you send reconfirmation emails from outside of your MailChimp account or your account will start sending up red flags. Protect your reputation and send your reconfirm message outside of MailChimp in a personal email account.

This feature is limited to certain user levels. You can see your user level on the Users & Account Details page and this article explains what each level can access in the account.

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