How We Determine Member-Activity Ratings

Member-activity ratings give you a quick visual measure of your subscribers' engagement levels. Our five-star scale is based on a larger 20-point activity rating system, which is based on a lot of factors. We take into account things like open rates and click activity for each subscriber, past bounces or unsubscribes, and several other variables that can be used to measure engagement. Scores are re-calculated after each campaign is sent, so they stay updated based on your subscribers' recent activity.

Here's an overview of what the star ratings mean and how they correspond to the activity rating scale.

  • 1 Star: Negative activity score (-5 to -1). This recipient has either unsubscribed and resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past.

  • 2 Star: No activity (score of 0). This recipient is most likely a new member, or a previously engaged member who's gone dormant.

  • 3 Star: Limited activity (score of 1). This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns but is either not consistently engaged or hasn’t been on your list long enough to have earned a higher rating.

  • 4 Star: A moderate amount of activity (score of 2 to 5). This recipient often opens or clicks your campaigns when you send.

  • 5 Star: A high level of engagement (score of 6 to 14). This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns very consistently.

Member ratings are great for segmenting your list based on engagement levels. You can send a special campaign to your most loyal subscribers, or even send a campaign to your least engaged subscribers that asks them to re-connect with you.

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