Suppression lists can be set up for each list in your account by pasting email addresses into the Unsubscribe People screen. Because each list in your MailChimp account shares no information with other lists, suppression lists cannot be applied globally and must be set up for each list. Below we walk you through how to set up suppression lists in your account.

Set up your suppression list

Creating a suppression list for a list in your MailChimp account involves uploading your suppression list as subscriber and then using the  Bulk Unsubscribe feature to immediately place your suppression list in the Unsubscribed area of your list. It is best to complete adding your suppression list before you add your other (active) subscribers to your list.

  1. Import your suppression list from a file on your computer by following the steps below. You can also complete this step by  manually adding contacts. From within your list, click the  Add subscribers drop-down menu and select  Import subscribers.
  2. Select  Upload from CSV if using a CSV file or  Copy/Paste from Excel if working with an Excel file.
    Select Upload from CSV or Copy/Paste from Excel
  3. If you are uploading from a CSV file, you'll need to select the file you want to import using the Browse button. If you are using an Excel file, you'll need to copy and paste your contacts.
  4. Click the Upload List button to import your contacts. You will be directed back to your list. Click Upload List to import contacts
  5. From your list, click the Manage Subscribers drop-down menu and select Unsubscribe people.
    Chose Unsubscribe people from list drop-down menu
  6. Copy/Paste in the email addresses you would like to suppress/unsubscribe and click the Unsubscribe button. You can also manually type in the addresses you would like to unsubscribe and then click the Unsubscribe button. Paste email address to unsubscribe and click unsubscribe

Now your suppression list has been successfully imported to the list in your MailChimp account. To view your suppression list at any time, navigate to your list, then click on the Subscribed drop-down menu under the View subscribers heading and select Unsubscribed.

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